Dryer Went Out

Updated on January 04, 2010
J.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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Our dryer went out last night. We don't plan on fixing it as it is very old and we have definitely gotten out money's worth out of it. So I have 2 questions, where can I find the best prices for dryers and does anyone have any recommendations as to the brand they like? Thanks everyone.

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for your advise. I ended up finding what we needed at Lowe's. KL you are right about bells and whistles and frankly we don't need them. We have a very nice washer and the person at the Lowe's said the washer does 90% of the work. So we got a base model and it will be delivered today!!! Thank yall again.

And great thing with Lowe's agree with you Gretchen, they delivered installed and took away my old - on New Year's Day. So 2010 has started off great!!

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go to the Sears Outlet. They have washers and dryers that maybe have a tiny ding at substantially reduced prices. I think it is in Carrollton.

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I happen to love the front loaders. my washer went out and I purchased a new front loader Maytag set.



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Instead why don't you fix yours? My husband is an electrician and handyman, kept 37 kitchens running in GP for over 16 years. He can tell what is wrong with it and wheather it can be fixed cheaper than a new or used one.
But, if you can buy a used one through craigslist.com for about 100 dollars, it is worth it.



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Whirlpool is my preference!!! I have had the best experiences with their products. The price range is wide so you almost have to set the limit you are willing to spend and decide what features you can't live without before you so shopping or you will be over whelmed!

I love the feature that senses when the clothes are dry and turns itself off automatically.

You can go to Bizrate.com and search for "dryers" or go to a specific brand to see how others ranked them. That helped me to decide which model to go with.

Good Luck.



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You don't indicate what part of the DFW aera you are in, but if it's anywhere close to Arlington, may I recommend Murray's Appliance? It's just off of Abram east of Collins. Later



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We just bought a new dryer. I think you'll find the best selection and best prices at Lowe's, plus they deliver it for free. Sears Outlet (there's one in S. ARlington) also has good prices but they are mainly scratch-n-dent and you have to take them home yourself.

Also, one thing to keep in mind: Dryers do not come with an electrical plug. YOu have to buy that separately. So, if you have one from your old dryer, it may fit on your new dryer too so don't throw it away with your old dryer. Same thing goes with the dryer vent tubing. You can save a few bucks if you reuse that stuff.



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Hi J.! I just thought I would let you know that you can get no payments and no interest on a dryer from either sears or home depot for 12 months when you apply for a card. that way you have 12 months to pay it out. That is how we paid for our our fridge, washer, and dryer. It was a big help to not have to drop all that money all at once! Good luck!



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I would probably go to Lowes, Home Depot and Best Buy; compare the size, features and prices of a few different models and go with whichever one currently had the best deal.

A dryer is basically a device that heats and moves air and most of your dryers all work basically the same way. Your most important concern is how much it will hold and how much air will it move.

Often times one company makes several brands, for example, you will find that Whirlpool actually makes Kitchen Aid, Amana, Maytag, Roper and some Kenmore, along with some others.

Then you a few more companies or groups that make many of the rest.

Matter of fact many of the parts can often times be interchanged.

I just mention that so you will understand it is more about features and size than brands. Size being a real key as the larger it is, generally the more you can dry at a time.

I would check some reviews on the different websites to have an idea of what folks generally seem happy with and then go find the best deal.

Just my opinion.



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We had our dryer go out and no money to replace. The Roper brand is available at Lowe's and is made by Whirlpool. It works great and is XL capacity - it will fit a king comfortable easily and was under $300.

Good luck!

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