Dryer Has Marks on the Inside--how Do I Get It Off?

Updated on February 13, 2008
J.H. asks from Billings, MT
5 answers

We have a relatively new dryer--we got it in November--and something left marks on the inside of the drum after the last cycle. I can't figure out what the culprit was! It looks like paint. It isn't crayon, that I know for sure. None of the clothes from that load look any different than they did before the wash...it's a mystery. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas of how to remove marks from inside a dryer? I am afraid to use a chemical solvent because of flamability. And water won't do the trick. HELP!

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So What Happened?

Thanks, everyone, for the ideas! As recommended, I got the Magic Eraser, and it took off about 90% of the marks. I appreciate everyone's responses!

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We have "stuff" we don't know where it came from, clothes look the same, etc. on our dryer. The Magic Eraser worked. I think you can get coupons on the internet for them. I got tired of scrubbing and have noticed over the past year the spot is getting smaller.



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Hi J.,

I would try a Magic Eraser. They are made by Mr. Clean. They get out everything! I have used it to get crayon off walls, scuff marks off floors, everything! It really is magic!



answers from Denver on

It is probably from metal buttons. Try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser however I would say that this happens inside the dryer unless you never drive coats, jeans or anything with metal buttons or zippers.



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Try the magic eraser if that doesn't work and it isn't leaving marks on the clothes then I would just let it go and not stress out over it, reality is nobody cares what the inside of your dryer looks like, thank-goodness cause mine over the years has started to look like a I let the little ones paint the inside, and like you I can't figure out where 3/4's of it came from.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hello. I am a mom of 5, and I just had a red crayon go through the dryer yesterday! We used Scrubbing Bubbles, let it soak for a minute before wiping, and it wiped right off. But if you want to go natural, try using lemon juice. It's a great cleaner, all natural, and it disinfects too!

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