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Updated on January 10, 2011
J.R. asks from New Castle, DE
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My oh so handsome 2 year old has very dry skin. Can anybody recommend some relief for my lil man? Thanks but, Aveeno products dont work.

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answers from Kansas City on

i agree with everyone else. I have a little cousin who has AWFUL eczema and dry skin. I just bought him the renew pack for christmas to help him out! thats what i use on my legs and cracked heels and nothing else has ever even come close to helping as much as it does.

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answers from Phoenix on

If you know anyone who has Melaleuca products, Renew lotion is the best. Even studies show they work better than the leading brand. I use this if you can't find anyone. You have to be a member to get the products.

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answers from New York on

I use several different things in different combinations to come up with what works for our dry skin issues.

We use shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and/or cocoa butter with some kind of essential oil or no essential oil at all. We use combinations or these products mixed with a mixer or just as is depending on what is going on with our skin. All of these are natural, healthy and helpful. I hope they really help your little man with his dry skin.

Also there is no real replacement for drinking water regularly.

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answers from Dover on

Renew body wash and lotion.

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answers from Missoula on

My son also has very dry skin, and it is always worse in the winter. I use Cetaphil cream after each bath, head to toe. I keep his baths from being too warm, and only give him 2/week during the winter, unless he's really filthy :). I apply the cream while he is still damp from the bath, and I use Aquaphor on any patches that are especially dry. That seems to be working for us. Good luck to you!

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answers from Kansas City on

I am NOT NOT NOT a melaluca rep but I did find one (here, when it was mamasource) who allowed me to send her a money order and she ordered the products for me, as her, without me becoming a member. I don't know if that is common practice or not, but because I only wanted the renew lotion (and I loved it, by the way!) she did it for me.

If you do not want to try Renew (which is not a thick lotion and does not leave oily residue), then the Moo udder cow cream stuff worked alright too but was thick and greasy.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Aquaphor,burts bees or eucerin



answers from Boston on

Our dermatologist recommended Moisturel. I comes in a large bottle (about 10 oz?) and costs about $13 at CVS. I used it when I had cystic acne with dry skin, and used it on my kids as well. Now they are 10 and 13 and we use big bottles of Gold Bond Cream which also comes in a mentholated anti-itch formula. We have forced hot air heating in the house and in the Boston area it gets very cold which sucks any moisture out of the outside air as well. However, if it is eczema, you could talk to your pediatrician and for my daughter who only had 2 large spots on the back of her legs, we could use a very low level of hydrocortizone. But I would check with the doctor first.



answers from Philadelphia on

Try Avon's moisture therapy. Only thing that works on my kids & it has no alcohol in it like Eucerin (which the ped rec). My kids screamed everytime I put Eucerin on them! Good luck!



answers from Orlando on

I have very dry skin and I use a product from the Ma Mi natural skin care line that has been great for me. It is their Restore Serum which is not directly marketed for dry skin but I mix the product in with my moisturizer and body cream during winter and it really works. I also like it because all the ingredients are natural so I know I am not putting a ton of chemicals on my skin. Their website is www.mamiskin.com.



answers from Philadelphia on

Our son has very dry skin and I have to use a few different products. First, if his skin is super dry, I put olive oil in his bath (not great for bubbles but GREAT for dry skin)-and I will use the Aveeno oatmeal powder wash (comes in little packets) sometimes, too. I also, during the winter, will use vaseline-type products (vaseline, aquaphor, etc) on his face and hands before going outside or if he's extra dry. I have also found that the triple gold bond or gold bond lotions for extra dry skin is good and also, especially in summer, I use cocoa butter lotion-the stuff with sunscreen in it, though it's a low # so I also use other sunscreen.
Good luck (and my Mother who had 10 kids swears by the olive oil and even baking soda baths and she knows more than any of us ever will!)



answers from Milwaukee on

Cetaphil. My daughter had a few small patches of excema when she was a toddler. Her pedi said to try cetaphil and it worked great. During the winter I get dry patches too. When they start, I start using cetaphil. Within a day or two they are gone.



answers from Miami on

hi Babydoll,

I would use products that are non fragranced and geared toward a toddler's sensitive skin:
Aquaphor for babies
or simple vaseline.

also, make sure you put on before you go out into the wind.

HTH. Jilly



answers from Allentown on

Have you tried Renew lotion, bath oil, and hand wash? Working great on my winter hands, and safe for baby!


answers from York on

I was going to suggest Aveeno until I read the end of your post because that is what works best for my son's dry skin. I also use Triple Cream when his and my skin get super dry and I can see a difference in one day.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you tried the Aveeno baby lotions? I think they are very good. (Gotta keep him handsome, right? lol)

Well, they did work for us. What have you already tried? I don't care for the greasiness of Aquaphor (except for lips) and Johnson's baby stuff I found to be incredibly harsh.



answers from Pittsburgh on

aveeno does not work at all for my little one, he has extreme dry skin like his dad, RENEW from malaeluca works, hard to get but worth it for the results, you won't be disappointed.



answers from Harrisburg on

Coconut Oil, like the stuff you use to cook with! Its great and works wonders.



answers from Boston on

Hi babydoll,
you can go to your local pharmacy and ask for a tub of hrdrolateum cream. this is what i use on my 4 yr old with eczema. my pediatrician recommended it. it is sold behind the pharmacy, but its over the counter prdouct. may cost you 11$ or so but it lasts a long time. works wee right after a bath, locks in the moisture. hope this helps. Kelly



answers from New York on

Avon has a tube hand cream called Moisture therapy "intensive". I can't use many Avon products since they are heavily perfumed and cause irritation to my skin. But this cream is not scented, it's thick and very soothing. I have eczema and very dry skin and it doesn't irritate the cracked skin, and it's very emilliont. Whenever I see it go on sale I buy 4-5 tubes - it's reasonably priced too. Since it's thick I'd rub it on his little body when he's still damp out of the bath.


answers from Jacksonville on

I JUST read something somewhere yesterday( cant remember the source, may have been a Yahoo.com article even) that talked about how in the winter you have to be careful that what you use to moisturize with doesn't make things worse. Many products are water based and can actually freeze and make things worse. That you should use products with almond or coconut (?) oils. I see you are in a very cold area of the country.

Maybe give something like that a try?


answers from Philadelphia on

Eucerin and Aquafor did NOT work for my son. I tried Arbonne's baby wash and lotion (or oil) and it finally fixed it without making him miserable. Definitely worked for me and everyone I know that has had a dry skin issue. The eucerin and aquafor just made him miserable and never fixed the problem...and it won't.

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