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Updated on February 07, 2013
B.M. asks from Three Forks, MT
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My scalp is so dry and flaky...yuck! For the past year, I've only washed my hair every other day, but my scalp is still dry. Anti-dandruff shampoos don't seem to help. I tried Head and Shoulders a few years ago and it irritated the skin on the rest of my body. Most recently, I tried Clear, which is supposed to help, but hasn't. My doctor suggested sleeping with olive oil on my scalp once a week, but that hasn't made huge improvements either. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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answers from San Antonio on

My scalp is the same way, but it actually isnt dry scalp (looks like it is), it is the opposite: overly oily scalp. It winds up looking almost like cradle cap if it gets out of hand, and I always treated it like dry scalp, which was the wrong thing. I have switched to Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, which is made for oily scalps, and alternate that with Tea Tree Shampoo every day. It has made the world of difference in my hair. I use a lighter conditioner, as I was always over-conditioning thinking it was so dry.
Good Luck.

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answers from Charlottesville on

My doctor said my dandruff/dry scalp was caused by eczema and prescribed Ketoconazole shampoo and clobetasol foam to use on specific dry/itchy spots. They've done wonders. I now only need to use them once or twice a month.

If you're seeing your primary care doctor and he/she can't resolve the problem, I would ask for a referral to a dermatologist.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I agree with Megan R. about the dermo. My 6yo daughter just had the same issue and was prescribed a spray. Dermo doctor took a sample of the dryness from the scalp to look under microscope to see what was going on...immediately linked it to eczema and a form of dermatitis. 2 weeks later after using the spray, no issues - cleared right up!
Good luck.



answers from Wichita on

T-Gel but it stinks and is rough on your hair... but it works

Head & Shoulders regular kind did not work for me, at all, but Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment worked wonders when nothing else would. It's my miracle in a bottle. It's in a dark blue bottle---the whole bottle is dark blue. It's amazing, for me. It came out a few years ago, and I keep it stocked just in case they ever discontinue it for any reason.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have scalp issues year round and it gets worse in the winter. I have a tried every remedy and shampoo out there - I do have medicated ones but stopped using them when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Please try Say Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp - I bought it in the organic section of our local grocery store but you can purchase it online if you can't find it near you. I truly must say this shampoo and conditioner every other day has really made my scalp feel sooo much better. I also rotate it with a salicyclic acid exfoliating shampoo by phytologie. But I really have felt much better with the Say Yes shampoo



answers from Louisville on

Tar will bring it under control with a few applications, then you can keep it under control with an anti- dandruff shampoo.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have been using Neutrogena T-Gel for years (coal tar). I swear by the stuff, and buy it in the large refillable bottle size at Costco. :O

I started using it for itchy scalp, which I get when I work out with either a hat on (e.g. running, skiing), or sometimes with my hair in a pony tail (something about the sweat irritates my skin). In general I have very sensitive skin.

I also use the T-Gel for dandruff (since that is one of its other useful qualities) - in particular during the winter, although I find the best, or a combined, solution for dandruff is to use a super scratchy brush on my scalp to "loosen" the dandruff just prior to washing my hair.

Yes, the T-Gel stinks, but as long as you use a conditioner after, I have never noticed the smell on my hair. Also, I generally try to just apply the T-Gel to my scalp, with only a teeny bit on the rest of my hair. I color my hair, so most days I use a high quality color treatment shampoo, and always a color treated hair conditioner. I don't notice a difference in the "quality" of my hair due to the T-Gel, but I would imagine everyone's hair is different.

During the winter, I use the T-Gel every other washing (and I only wash my hair about 3 days a week - basically the days I work-out). During the summer, just once a week at most.

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