Dry Scalp!!!!

Updated on March 05, 2009
K.R. asks from Hobart, IN
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help! I have the most ridiculous case of dry scalp ever! I've had it for years but it's getting unbearable! The flakes are powdery and white (which i'm told is dry scalp and not dandruff...is that right???)...I've also heard to try heated olive oil for three hours....how often should i do that? are there any other suggestions??? I need help i can't take it anymore!!! dandruff shampoo (I think i've tried them ALL) do nothing for me...i'm currently using redkin scalp relief that provides some relief but very little...i'm going crazy here, help!

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answers from Chicago on

You may have scalp psoriasis, have you seen a doctor. I had this problem a few years back and nothing helped so I saw a dermatologist and I found out I had psoriasis on my scalp...



answers from Chicago on

when I was a kid, my mom used to put mayo in my hair for my dry scalp. I would leave it in for a while and then wash it out. It seemed to help


answers from Rockford on

Th redken scalp relief is good but is only a temp fix. I have adult cradle cap and have had it since i was little. My scalp always itches and peels sometimes even scabs and bleeds. I finnally found a product that worked. Its called keracare. You can get it at some salons and if you are in rockford, jcpenny salon carries it.It is a little pricey About $13 a bottle, but it is so worth it. Its great not only does it stop the itch but it makes the flakes and peeling scalp stop too. I only use it once or twice a week in the summer, and winter months when it is the worst. Only use a small amount, rub it into your scalp really good, leave it on for 5 mins and you will feel it tingle (that means its working) then rinse clean and condition. I use redken all soft conditioner. Be careful what brands and how much conditioner you use. That can make your scalp worse. Also maybe try a leave in scalp conditioning oil, that helps too. Good luck hope you find something that works for you.



answers from Chicago on

Your dry scalp might be a sign of something else. Try taking vitamin E (usually sold in gel capsules) and a good multivitamin. Drink more water during the day.

Vitamin E is good for your skin, and I put vitamin E oil on my scalp and it soothed it immediately. It's greasy tho, I slept with it on my scalp and washed my hair in the morning. Also had to wash my pillowcase!



answers from Peoria on

Hi K.,
We use a product called Herbal. Three out of the four of us use it and we love the results and the way it smells! It has rosemary,apple,cherry and sage extract that heals and soothes the scalp. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you would like more info.



answers from Chicago on

Dandruff is more oily feeling... not like what they show you on the commercial for Head and Shoulders where they are brushing off the guys shirt!

First of all... cool down your showers!!!! THe heat will dry your scalp and skin out soooo terribly! For when you are rinsing your hair make it as cool as you can tolerate it!

Ok, this may not make much sense but I will try to explain it... Do NOT use oils on your scalp to help you! If you put oils on there your body will naturally try to dry itself out and in the end you will end up with even worse dry scalp! Just like do you remember as a teen using alcohol to try to dry out your skin or blemishes? THe more alcohol you would use the more oily your skin would also get then to compensate for what you are trying to take away.

The best thing I have found for dry scalp is Tea Tree Shampoo from Paul Mitchell. You can get this in a lot of salons... Sport Clips is one of them... they use this for every shampoo on the men who come in. You might be able to find a generic version of it at Sallys but I am not sure. Just remember that a little of it will go a long way! There is less water in professional products so start off with a dime size amount and add water to your hair to suds it up. If you need to add a little more then go ahead! It is also cooling on your scalp and makes it tingly feeling! I LOVE this stuff!!! I have to use it every year for the same reason as you! I even bought my dogs the pet version from Paul Mitchell to help them with dry itchy skin that they get every winter too! It is soothing and really helps!

I wish you luck finding something that works for you! Blessings to you and your family!

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