Dry Scalp - Moody,TX

Updated on October 03, 2012
K.E. asks from Moody, TX
12 answers

Anyone have any natural remedies for curing dry and itchy scalp?

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answers from Houston on

I took my daughter to skin doctor for this recently.
They recommended T-SAL shampoo.
It is sold at HEB.....you only use it once a week.
Great investment! Good Luck!

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answers from Tampa on

Have you tried sulfur-based shampoo/soap (soap that can be used on hair)? A few years ago I had really dry and itchy, scaly scalp. Tried tons of things, none of them worked...until a friend recommended a simple sulfur-based medicated shampoo. It worked for me.



answers from Kansas City on

apply the olive oil with a qtip (so it doesn't get in hair.) leave it 15 min or overnite. When you wash your hair.. don't use hot water!!! Use lukewarm. ...and pitch any tear free shampoo you have. As DitaD says...don't wash it everyday!



answers from Denver on

Massage the scalp with some warm olive oil prior to washing. And, don't wash your hair every day. Try every other day.



answers from Waco on

Believe it or not, Carmex (yes the lip balm). Actually it's a healing balm that they market as a lip balm. My mother and I have had dry scalp all our lives and recently our beautition recommended we use it. Guess what?... No more dry scalp. And for $.99!!!!



answers from College Station on

Vitamin e and some hair skin and nail vitamins as well as adding healthy fats into your diet.



answers from Austin on

My grandmother told me to use Mayonnaise, I have a very dry scalp and very dry hair. What I ended up doing is going to a beauty supply store and getting a heavy duty conditioner, The kind you get in the small tube in the box of hair dye you get from the store. I use it every day when I wash and once a week I leave it in my hair while I do my chores and then wash it out later. I swear it has helped.



answers from Houston on

I use JASON's tea tree oil shampoo from the natural products section in Kroger, HEB or Whole Foods or other natural care places.

It works great and doesn't make my hair greasy at all.



answers from Philadelphia on

You can wash your hair and some tea tree oil to it. I know there are also shampoos out there for dry scalp. I think selsun blue and head and shoulders makes them. It probably would not hurt to take some supplements also like flax seed or fish oil.



answers from Victoria on

cut out sweets and carbs. it really helped me. eat mostly protein and greens. also cold pressed olive oil on your food. take your vitimans and live healthy. its easier to cure it internaly that topical. i would ask a health food house. because selsun and head n shoulders arent in any form a natural remedie. good luck.



answers from Indianapolis on

My company is developing a treatment for head lice, so we get asked this question a lot.

A big problem with natural remedies is that most involve oil in some form or another (olive oil, mayonnaise, etc). And, oil is extremely hard to remove from your hair - so, you have to repeatedly wash it to remove all the oil you just put in to relieve a dry scalp which will irritate the scalp that much more.

I'd recommend checking out some sites dedicated to dermatology and seeing what they recommend or asking your pharmacist if there's anything they know of.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Neutrogena makes a good Tea Tree shampoo that may help.

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