Dry, Round Spots

Updated on March 16, 2008
M.C. asks from Lockport, IL
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My almost 3 month old son hs developed these raised, round, scaley, dry spots on his arm. They've now appeared on his tummy and sholder. He has dry skin but these spots have come on within the last few days. His tummy started out with patches of small, dry bumps which have now changed into these small, round ones. I'm going to try taking him to the doctor today. Does anyone have any idea what they might be? We haven't changed formulas, detergent, etc. Thanks in advance for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your advice. In contacting my doctor, he believes it to be exzema. He suggested Eucerin and 1% hydorcortizone cream on the actual spots. If things don't clear up in a week, I need to take my son in to see him. Thanks again!

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Could be eczema? Are they pink and have a ring-like border (or son had those early on and I thought he had ringworm)? Our baby had mild eczema, but hasn't had a flare up in months. Just discuss any/all questions with your pediatrician.



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Maria, i am a peds nurse..Without knowing how big these are, i would guess less they are eczema. It is not round or any specific shape, just dry and kinda scaly. Try just using something like a little eucerin cream and a touch of 1/2 % hydrocortisone cream mixed together on it and see if it helps. Neither one can hurt one bit. Let us know what you find out..



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sounds like excema. not all that uncommon, and there are lots of ways to treat it. Also studies show that most kids out grow it as well. Good luck!



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I can imagine how scary it is to see rashes on a baby's skin. Both my daughter and I get the same thing you are describing. I was told it is a rash that goes along with allergies (watch out in the future for ashma). Perhaps after your peds visit you might want to consider taking him to an Algerist if symptoms persist. Best of Luck!



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Hi Maria,

sounds like either dry skin patches or eczema. I dealt with the same issue with my daughter and have some info to share after doing much research, etc.

My daughter who is almost 12, had what I thought was sensitive skin and she reacted to everything...got hives easily, ran fevers even with allergies. Her auto-immune system eventually shut down at age 5 and she was hospitalized for a week. I went to all the drs. and tried many things. Then I started my own quest and did research and learned what I shared with you above. I was using products on her that were comprimising her immunity and some the drs. told me to use! Drs. don't have all the answers and often they don't look at a more natural approach. I started reading labels and tried many things that had more natural ingredients. My daughter's condition got better, but we'd still have the occassional outbreak.

Then I was introduced to ARBONNE and I used the baby wash, the lotion, etc. on her and it was a miracle. Have you heard of Arbonne products? They have a wonderful baby line: botanical ingredients, natural, pure, safe, gentle. There are a few things that you need to stay away from with a child who has allergies: DYES, PERFUMES, AMMONIUM LARLYLL SULPHATE (it's a lathering agent and it is almost 100% of cleaners, soaps on the market and it IS NOT necessary to get your child clean. The problem is with this lathering agent, because it foams up it's hard to get it completely rinsed off and leaves a film on their skin which dries the skin out more and causes the eczema to be worse) and the last is PETROLUEM & MINERAL OIL! Obviously, perfumes/dyes can just irritate and don't need color or scent to make things work....in fact the perfume in products is used to cover up the scent of petroluem and mineral oil (these are derived from crude oil and rendering plants and have a not so pleasant odor). Petroluem (Vaseline) and Mineral Oil (check your baby oil...it's 100% Mineral Oil) DO NOT do anything to help cradle cap or eczema just as you said! The molecules in these products are TOO large to asorb into our skin and therefore they just sit on top of our skin and never absorb and basically suffocate our skin which is our largest organ. Our skin needs to breath and function to bring in nutrients and also process things out of our bodies. Petroleum and mineral oil actually leach vitamins from our bodies because they clog our pores. Arbonne's baby line is Free of these ingredients.

I love sharing this great find with others and would be happy to send you some samples to try. Just let me know & I'll get them sent to you.

I know this is also a long email, but had to share what I've learned thru my journey. I know how you feel, it's horrible seeing them itch and be uncomfortable and when you find an answer to help them it's such a blessing!

All my best,



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I don't believe it is Eczema. My son also gets them. He gets them when his skin is dry or irritated. I have had to switch some body soaps and detergent when it gets bad. Sometimes he just has them and I have to make sure he always gets lotion after a bath and he is fine. I use the Cetaphil moisturizing cream in the round container. It is costly, $13ish, but lasts a long time. This has prevented them for the most part. Of course I am assuming your son's is the same, but based on your description it sounds about right. I am assuming they have no color to them? My son's are the same color as his skin but I can feel them and see them slightly.



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Honestly, no idea what they are, but my son got the same exact thing at three months, and now again at 16 months. I put Eucerin lotion on them every morning when he wakes up, after bath time and before bed/naps. It works great! Probably a change in temperature, or just mild exzema... that's what the doctors told me anyways.
Good luck!

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