Dry Diaper at Night

Updated on April 18, 2011
A.M. asks from Lake Wales, FL
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My just turned 3 year old son is finally potty trained!! Woo Hoo! I bet you can hear me yelling for joy wherever you are! :) The question is what does he wear for night time/sleep. He usually sleeps in a night time diaper and has since 2 bc he was a heavy wetter at night. But the past week maybe week and a half, he has woken up totally dry. Should I try letting him sleep in his regular underwear at night? We do have a water proof mattress pad on his bed so I'm not worried about that. He goes potty right before bed (8 pm) and goes potty right when he wakes up (7-7:30 am). So try the regular underwear or let him switch to a pull up for night time? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks everyone in advance.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I say go for the underwear. If he has been dry for a week, be done with diapers. I let my dd stay in a night diaper for way too long and then it was hard for her to "night train". If he has got it, then go with it. If he has an accident, don't worry just let him learn in underwear. When my ds starting potty training, we did not use night diapers at all, he learned it all at once.
Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Give the underwear a try and see how he does!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would say if you have a weeks worth of dry pullups in the a.m., then go to undies.
That's what we did, and although I was braced for sheet-changing impact, it never happened. Actually my son told me when he was ready & never looked back! Good luck and "Woooo-hooooo!" It's awesome to be done with diapers!



answers from Orlando on

By all means, put regular undies on him!



answers from Chicago on

I'd make the bed this way, mattress, waterproof cover, sheet, then another waterproof pad, and sheet. Then put him to bed in underwear.

If/When he does have an accident, you change him, pull off the top sheet and wet mattress pad, and VIOLA you have a "made" bed to put him back to sleep in, in the middle of the night.

I've learned MOST accidents happen between 5-7am when they are rousing.



answers from Denver on

I say try the underwear! If it doesn't work, then you can switch to a pull up!



answers from Washington DC on

yes, yes, go for it while that window of opportunity is open!! Right after my daughter potty trained, I started noticing tha ther diaper was dry in the morning. I told her after 10 dry nights, we woudl throw away the diapers and do underpants. I have to admit, I let her have an M&M each morning as a reward, which I am a bit ashamed of. But she has never had a night time accident since. Remember, no liquids right before bed, and get him in the habit of pottying first thing in the morning.



answers from Dallas on

That's how I knew my boys were ready to ditch the diaper for good. An accident isn't the end of the world, so I'd say take the plunge and go to 24-hour underpants!



answers from Miami on

Once my children were potty trained during the day, I used up the diapers as best as I could and IF they any any accidents, I instead bought the smallest package of pull ups I could find and I used the same one every night (as long as it was dry) for as long as it would hold up. One package would last forever. Since he is three and staying dry, there is always a slight possibility for an accident in the night. If you are okay with having to get up and change his sheets/bedding in the event this does happen once in a while, then let him wear regular underpants. Try the underwear and see how it goes. IF he has accidents, then buy pull ups.

Congrats on him being potty trained!



answers from New York on

I would say, try the pampers at night for about another week, just to see if his night time consistency remains the same. After that, I say, put on his underwear all day. Congratulations to the both of you! :)

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