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Updated on March 21, 2011
T.S. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

Have any of you used Dryel for your "dry clean only" clothing? I thought this might be a good option since we spend too much at the dry cleaner. If you have used it, does it work well? Or is there another product you'd recommend? Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I use it all the time. If I get any kind of actual food on the sleeve edge, it goes to the dry cleaner. But it is great at getting the salt slush splashes off my pant legs, as well as freshening up my elbows and lapels. I have not had any problems with it. But of course, as I said, anything like a little yogurt because I was not paying attn, it goes to the cleaner. A box of dryel at $8 is the cost of one suit-8 cleanings in a box. And they now make a spray. I use a clean, lint free cloth sprayed with the Dryel spray and gently clean any areas that needs it, spritz the rest of the garment to get rid of wrinkles and 20 minutes later my suit can be hung up. I use the gentle cyle for dry-not the high heat.


answers from Albany on

Yes, I used Dryel for years on my husbands work pants, ties, etc. It worked just fine. Only thing I'd mention is on suit jackets the shoulder pads can get a little misshapen, so I sent the jackets to the cleaners anyway.




answers from Chicago on

It is ok...mediocre in my opinion...It does help freshen the garment up but an actual cleaning is best done that the dry cleaner.


answers from Sacramento on

I use it from time to time. It works well in between trips to the dry cleaner, and will usually allow me to get one or two more wearings out of a garment before it needs to be professionally cleaned again. However, if the garment has stains on it, I take it straight to the dry cleaner (I wouldn't want to risk setting the stain in the dryer).

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