Drop-in Daycare in or near Wylie?

Updated on May 02, 2010
J.H. asks from Plano, TX
5 answers

Can anyone recommend a drop-in daycare facility in or near Wylie? Or maybe a MDO which allows you to use them by the week rather than the month?

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi there
I am mother of three , and I had the same problem, where to leave my children, and one day I spend all day looking for daycare. I got a cross of this one that I particularly like because they serve fresh fruits and vegetables, and my children love to be there.

They are licensed as hourly daycare or weekly daycare. Their rates are very good ,( I check all daycares posible that I got across with). Their hours are Mon - Thur 07am-8pm; Friday 7am-11:30pm; Saturday 8:30am-11:30pm. Teaching children a,b,c, and numbers. My youngest (3year old) is learning how to write and I am proud of him. They are enrolling now for weekly's or hourly .

You will not go wrong with them,

Any way the daycare name is Cuddly Kids Hourly/Weekly Care

Phone #: ###-###-####

Hope you like them as much as I do.

L. M.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

Call Bearfoot Lodge in Wylie ###-###-####.

Best of Luck!


C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams
[email protected]____.com



answers from Dallas on

Just a warning. Do not take your children to Adventure Kids Playcare in Plano. Older children (over 7 or 8) will do ok, but any younger are VERY unsupervised. This is from a close inside source, and I was shocked at what I learned about that place! Tiny toddlers mixed in with kids all the way up to 12 who are running wild and some even expose themselves to kids - regardless of what the owner says - there is NO supervision.



answers from Dallas on

Ladies, Heidi works at Adventure Kids, and her kids LIVE there (very sad). She is always on here promoting the place. The locks on the bathroom? Joke. Once an 18 month old got LOCKED IN THE BATHROOM for at least 30 minutes, alone, and in the dark. I am shocked that I just happened to see this and those other two responses, because I usually am too busy to post or read. How do I know all this? I know someone who worked there for a very brief time period and was appalled and didn't stay longer than a month. Heidi is a Manager there. I called my friend and asked because I remember her talking about the place and the name sounded familiar. Don't take your kids there!



answers from Dallas on

I'm very suprised to hear that someone is not happy with Adventure Kids. We use the one in Plano and have always been very happy with them. I've taken my 2 boys since my youngest was 18m (right after they opened) The only problem I ever had was he would get in the bathroom and play. When I spoke with the owner about that she apoligized and less then a week later she called to let me know that she put locks on the outside of the restrooms and her staff would be watching the restrooms and only allowing the children that are old enough in. Since that time I he has never made it in (until he was potty trained anyway :)) I don't know anything about children showing there private parts there but my boys love it and I feel very safe leaving them there.

By the way, Plano Adventure Kids is the only one that I know of near Wylie.


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