Drooling...again...and He Is 5! - Keller,TX

Updated on November 01, 2010
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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My son was a drooly baby. He was THAT kid. The one that always wore a bib, because otherwise his shirt was wet or he'd get a rash on his chest. We didn't think too much about it until he was 2. Around that time I did some research online and asked about it on here and was given a few ideas - ditch the sippy cups for cups with straws, blow bubbles, play games blowing cotton balls with straws..this sort of thing. We went this route after talking to his doctor, who wasn't entirely convinced it would help, but also knew it wouldn't hurt. After a few weeks...no more drooly kid. Yay. Well fast forward to two weeks ago. The drooling is back. My son turns five in two weeks and we are constantly having to remind him. We don't make a huge deal...just simply tell him to wipe his chin and remind him to swallow. At first we thought it was due to a cold. But the cold is gone now and the drool is still here. His well check is coming up so we will ask his doctor then. Do any of you have any ideas as to what is causing the return of the drool monster and what can make it stop? (He hasn't used sippy cups in years. Straw thermos in the car and at night. A regular cup is what he usually uses.)

edit: My BIL is our dentist...he just examined him last month and can't think of anything that would cause the excessive drooling, but he'll check him again when we see him next week.

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answers from Boston on

Did your bil mention whether or not he had his 6 yr molars he could be getting them?

this page has a list of what can cause drooling and ways to help treat it


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answers from Bakersfield on

Hi Mama-
My sister's son is that drooly kid, too. His drool is a result of teething most of the time. When his teeth stop doing their thing for a week or 2, the drool stops. But it immediately returns when there is any growth, which is practically all the time. He also like to use the cup to get a mouthful of water and then let it fall out of his mouth, increasing the wet patch on the front of his shirt. He is all boy.
I think you might want to ask to your doctor about the teething thing (the other things you tried sound awesome, and I will pass them on to my sister!), also ask about his ears- any infections, liquid, or the need for tubes. That can cause drool as well, even if they are really slight. Other than that, keep up with the non drooling exercises and remind him (as if it's not a big deal but an every day thing) to think about his mouth and the drool coming out of it.
Good luck!
-E. M

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answers from Kansas City on

My first thought was 5 year molars as well. A month is certainly enough time for them to decide to pop through! I would bet it has to do with something like that, but I agree to ask your BIL and his doctor when you go. Hope you get it figured out soon!

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answers from New York on

could it be his teeth.. check with a dentist.. see what they say.. good luck

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