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Updated on June 28, 2011
I.S. asks from Plano, TX
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My 15 year old son finished the classroom portion of his learner's permit. He is signed up for driving lessons with the same school where he did the classroom portion, but driving times are hard to come by. Does anyone know of driving schools or people who teach privately?

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like your child must have attended "Road to Success" Driving school. We had our daughter there for the learner's permit but due to not being able to schedule drive time we transferred her to All Star Driving http://www.allstardrivingschools.net/ Our daughter finished her drive time in two weeks. Sure we had to pay the additional monies and only got a portion back; but she finished before anyone that is still at that school. Some of her friends have had their permits now for a year where she didn't have hers that long. Try All Star they let you schedule times a few days a week. They were wonderful.



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Why don't you teach him yourself? Great bonding time w/ your son, who will surely NOT want to "hang out" w/ mom soon enough (or maybe does already). Why pay someone else to spend time w/ your son when you have the privilege of doing it?


answers from Dallas on

My daughter went through Classic Driving School. OH BOY, YES it is hard to get times.

They post times at 8pm on Monday night. You have to be sitting on the computer ready to hit confirm and not be picky with times, they go fast.

We we were at the end with 2 times left to go and near the 16th bday, I called them and they personally set her up to completel the last 2 so she could get her DL.

We did private drive times ($40 each/hr) but they did not count toward the 7 2 hr times required. You have to do the 20 hours day (combined with highway, parking, etc) and the 10 hrs night.

Oh, expect to be in the DL line by 6am to get an appointment for a test drive with officer. It is crazy here.

LOL, I had to giggle at the comment about doing it yourself vs spending bonding time. LOL... they must not have a teen driver yet..... It was FAR worth paying someone to help our daughter. Most teens, as you probably already know, believe mom and dad are the stupidest people on the earth until they hit about 18. LOL Maintain the good relationship you already have and pay someone if you can.



answers from Dallas on

Not sure of the driving school where your son is signed up at, but where we go (Driving Scool of North Texas), as long as you sign up in advance, you can get road time. If you to another school you will have to pay again.

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