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Updated on June 07, 2007
T.O. asks from Birmingham, AL
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Can you do driver safety for your teen on yor do you have to take a class? I'd heard you can get the info from the state but don't know how or where or what it cost and if I can use 1 program for my two teens or do I have to buy two?

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So What Happened?

Okay, so far with everyone's help I found that there's a form you download, fill out and send in with $20 (for each child) to the DPS or DMV whatever it's called and then you get their packet. And Texas Virtual is $160 and $75 for next sibling if registered at the same time. So I printed out the forms and after I've sent those in I'll buy Texas Virtual on line and go from there. THANKS!

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I think you can go to the DPS office and get a drivers manual guide and study it and go to the DPS office and take the test and get your permit and to do the driving part I believe that you have to wait 6 months to take the driving part of the test and you have to have so many hrs of driving and 6 months and you go take the test and get your license.

My son has his permit and has been driving w/me and his dad is the car and will go to take his driving test in Aug.
Here is the link.
Good Luck

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I have a 21, 19, and a 16 year old that all went through a driver's education class at a local driving school. I agree with the previous post about the stress and aggravation of the parent taught program. While, it was more expensive to send them to a driving school, it was worth it to us! That said, we have several friends who chose to teach their kiddos and they all did well. In response to the previous posting about not taking a driving test at the DPS when obtaining your driver's license -- that is true. The DPS does NOT test those who have taken and passed a driver's education class as part of the driver's ed class includes a driving test over various aspects (i.e. highway driving, parking, etc.) The DPS DOES test those folks applying for a license who have not had driver's ed or who have had their license lapse or are from out of state. So, it's not terribly easy to obtain a license falsely.

I hope this helps! The DPS web site has all the information needed for the Parent Taught Driving Program.

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My daughter just completed a driver's ed course. You do have to have your permit for 6 months before you can get your license. Also, they are not allowed to have more than one person (that's not related) under the age of 18 or 21 with them during this 6 months, and also they are not to be on the road during 1 and 5 in the morning during this time as well. You will find all those rules on the website the previous mom gave. I chose to send my daughter to a driver's ed course in town instead of doing the parent teaching option for several reasons. One, kids (well I know mine for sure) tend to listen better to someone else other than the parent, I don't have the patience nor the time that it will involve to complete all the hours required, and you also get a discount on the auto insurance if they were to take driver's ed course. We have her drive with us still but I didn't want the complete thing on my shoulders. I wanted someone who knew all the correct rules, etc to teach her in the right way. After driving for so long, you get too comfortable and all the rules aren't as fresh in your mind as it would be with an instructor. It was a bit more expensive to send her to the course but it was well worth it! Saved us some stress and aggravation. She is a good driver and the course also helped me having confidence in her when she is out on the road. She took a driving test the other day with the school and made a 98. The only thing that I question is that they told her that she will not have to take a driving test when she goes to the DPS to get her license but I am checking into that with the DPS because that didn't make sense to me. If that was true, so many people could be getting their licenses in a dishonest way. Hopefully I will find out soon. It's already stressful having your child on the road, so I thought why stress myself and her out even more by doing it myself. I'm really glad that we did it this other way. Good Luck!!

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My oldest son did Virtual Drive of Texas. They send you an information package and the learning cd's. You also have to send for a parent-taught drivers education packet from the DMV. After the first "course" is completed you can apply for the permit. Then you complete the other cd's (three) and practice driving with the parent as the instructor. The parent has their own cd to help with the instructions. It was pretty straighforward...but, takes a little bit of time filling out the paperwork and logging the drive time, etc. I think the cost is $160. If you have a hardship they will sometimes reduce the cost of the program. I don't think you can use the same program for more than one child. You would have to check into that.



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I am reading this with interest as I have a 15 and almost 14 year old. I plan on doing the parent taught course. Does anyone know what is the requirement for insurance during this time and do you mind sharing what it is costing?

I am a single mom on disability and trying to figure out if my kids need to wait until they are 18 (poor, deprived

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