Drinking Soy Milk While Pregnant.

Updated on August 30, 2008
T.M. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I switched from drinking milk to drinking soy milk because I was able to digest it better during my morning sickness months. Now I'm reading that soy has negative effects on the reproductive organs of boys (which I am having!). I just assumed that the soy milk had to be ingested by the child for this to happen, I never stopped to think that I may be passing it to the fetus. I can not find any concrete information about the effects soy has on the fetus. Do any of you know of any specific effects this may have? BTW: I asked my obgyn and they did not have an opinion on this matter.

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So What Happened?

I was able to read another woman's post about giving soy milk to her child. There was a lot of valuable information there as well as the post that were provided to my request. I have researched it heavily on the internet but I still can not find any information on the affects of soy to the fetus. There is a ton of information about providing soy to a child and from what I have read, it's just not worth the risk to my unborn child. I am switching back to organic milk since I am no longer suffering from morning sickness. Thanks for the information and for your time.

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I am preggers and have an aversion to dairy and soy so I drink Rice Milk and my so does my 2yr old. It comes in organic, and enriched with vitamins and calcium, tastes great and recommended by both my ob and her ped. Rice Dream makes a great one.



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Hi T., I have done some reasearch on soy, and found nothing good about, my daughter dis some research for a college class, and found a lot of negetive stuff. Talk to your doctor, and just go to the enternet and type in soy products. and read for yourself, cause you willrobably get a flood of opinions on this subject. J. L.



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I used to love soy, did some research on it and haven't had it for awhile now. I am trying to get pregnant, that is the reason I stopped. If I wasn't trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding then, I'd probably drink it on occasion. The jury is still out on the stuff. It is highly processed. A friend of mine met someone whole works for Silk Soy and that woman told her if the general public saw what she saw, we wouldn't touch the stuff! I switched to Organic Almond milk and have been very happy. My last child was a boy, I drank soy throughout the pregnancy/breastfeeding, he is 3 and had soy right along with me up until a few months ago. So far, he seems OK?! LOL - at least from what I can tell! But, like I said, I won't do it again since I've learned a bit more.

Congrats on your pregnancy!



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Some alternatives, from what I've learned, is Goat's milk, or almond milk. These are said to have great nutritional value as well.... try research it.

Really, research soy milk... there is lots of info on it. I for one, will not give my kids this, nor other products with estrogens or hormones in it.

Not all people are aware of the negative effects, unless it has happened in their own families/children.

Read this link (it's from a previous posting- very enlightening):

Good luck,

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