Dressing Infant at Night

Updated on May 14, 2010
A.S. asks from Houston, TX
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Hi Mommies! I have a 7 month old DS. We live in North Texas, so summers get pretty hot. We would like to keep his room around 75 or 76 but I'm not sure how to dress him. It seems like a onesie and socks should be good, but somehow I feel like he should have a cover on (like a light weight sleep sack) or something. but then that seems too hot. Right now he's in a light weight sleep sack with a onesie and it's more like 73. But he sweats when he's in my arms and seems pretty warm when I pick him up in the middle of the night.

How will you dress your babies in the summer for that heat?

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answers from Redding on

I was just reading something today that said it's best not to overdress babies.
75 or 76? That's almost 80! Nothing wrong with it. I wish it was at least 85 outside every single day. I can't stand being cold.
However, from the time my son was an infant, he slept too warm. It killed me not to have him bundled up in a million layers, but he slept very soundly in just socks, his diaper and a tee shirt. Even if I put him in jammies, I had to leave them unzipped or he would be soaked with sweat and that led to fussy nights.
He's 14 and it can be snowing and freezing cold and he still only sleeps in his underwear.
You might try to find some lightweight jammie bottoms if you're worried about his legs getting cold, but if he is a sweaty sleeper like my son, you might find he sleeps better a little cooler.
My daughter liked being bundled up even in the summer, but my baby son didn't like it even in the winter.
Just try different things and you should be able to gauge what makes him comfortable for sleep.

I wish you the best!

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answers from Cincinnati on

right now, in Cincinnati it's in the mid-70s so we have the windows open - it's 73 in the house and my 14 month old is in a onesie and light pajama pants. I would do a onesie if I were you - if he's hot he may not sleep well. You can also get some light cotton pants from Carter's or Target or depending on his size you can probably find pajamas that are shorts and short sleeve shirts if you really want him in "pajamas"

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answers from Sacramento on

My 7 month old sleeps really hot too...Their bedroom runs about 75 when its warmer and about 67-71 when its cooler outside..I usually put him in just a onesie and an Aden-Anais sleep sack a little pricey, but the lightest I could find...They are way lighter than the jersey ones at BBR or Target. If its a cooler night I just put him in a longsleeved onesie then the sleep sack. No pants or socks...they make him way to hot...Good luck hope you find something that works for ya..


BTW they run really big I bought a medium sized for my 2nd son when he was first born (sept baby) and thought it'd work for him...Uh ya my 20 mth old ended up wearing and it was big on him!!

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answers from Atlanta on

My favorite thing for my daughter to sleep in were the Gerber Sleep and Plays. They are long sleeved, footed pajamas with a zipper up the front but they are made of a really light t-shirt like material. You can get a 3-pack of them for about 10 bucks from places like Target.

I liked for her to be covered since she moved around too much to stay under a blanket but even the lightweight sleepsacks seemed too hot since it is a layer on top of a t-shirt or onesie or whatever. However, we do keep our house a little cooler than 75.

If he still seems too warm then turn on a fan or turn down the air conditioner a little at night. Your instinct is probably correct though. If it seems like onesies and socks would be good then try that and just check and see if his arms and legs get too cool at night.

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answers from Denver on

I suggest a lightweight, one-piece pajama, with feet. We lived in Southern California when my son was born, and until about age 9 months, and that is what he wore once he didn't need to be swaddled for sleeping. This was through the spring, summer, and fall. We kept our house around 73 -75, and this was perfect for him.

Also, remember the age old thing... if you feel hot, your child probably is too. Lots of people today do not believe in that approach, so I'm sure some will write in opposition to this. But, that's how we dressed our son and he's healthy as can be.

If you have The Children's Place nearby, they have the perfect t-shirt weight footed pajamas that we liked. Or go to their web site and order directly.

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answers from Boston on

They do make sleep sacks in cotton jersey, they are pretty practical

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answers from Phoenix on

We live in AZ and keep our a/c at 76 in the summer. My daughter was born a year ago April and last summer we kept her in lightweight, long-sleeved, footed jammies and a swaddle blanket transitioning to a lightweight Sleep-Sack Swaddle to a lightweight, regular Sleep Sack. She was never sweaty when she slept on her own, but still gets sweaty falling asleep on us. This summer, my daughter sleeps in lightweight, long-sleeved, footed jammies and has a blanket in her crib. You don't want to overdress a baby, but you have to think about what you're wearing to bed, how heavy your blankets are, your ability to cover yourself up when you're chilly and how cold you get when you fall asleep without a blanket. I know I fell asleep for 10 minutes on the couch today without a blanket on and woke up freezing! Keep your little one warm at night and they'll sleep MUCH better! Good luck!

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answers from Gainesville on

I always dressed mine in footed jammies. We have lived in New Orleans and Florida so I totally understand summertime. But if you have a fan going in the room or keep it at 75/76 like you said they need a little more than onsies and socks. We naturally get cool at night while we sleep and your son is too little for any kind of blankie in bed with him. The footed jammies seems to do the trick since it keeps most of their skin covered but they aren't heavy. My son's feet always got cold so I always put socks on him along with the footed jammies.

I would switch him to the jammies now and ditch the sleep sack. Sounds like he may be getting overheated and that's not a good thing for the little ones while they are sleeping.

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answers from Dallas on

My son is 9 Months old and we live in North Texas also. He is able to sleep with a blanket now so we just do a onsie and a light weight blanket and temp at 79 (we are colder natured family). Since your son is only 7 month I would do a onsie and light weight pants. We decided not to do socks b/c out son will just take them off and play with them. I hope this helps.


answers from Austin on

Our daughter just slept in her diaper (which is hot) and a tshirt. She was always warm blooded.. So we even had the ceiling fan blowing..



answers from Dallas on


I live here in McKinney and have two 6 month old twin boys. I just put them down and I dressed them in "pj's". The long sleved button up ones. I keep the temp around 75.

When the temps get warmer like they always do in the summer time here, I will put them in the "gowns". The ones that are like little dresses and are open at the bottom. I may even cut the sleves if I think it gets to hot like in Aug.

Hope this helps!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Just wanted to mention that O. of the best baby gifts I ever got was a set of blankets that were made of really light t-shirt-like fabric. Perfect for when it was warm, because I always like something on ME, even when it's hot so of course, I assumed my child would too! lol
I also had some very light waffle thermal-like cotton receiving blankets that were light and breathable.



answers from Seattle on

Anything light weight is good, breathable. You're supposed to keep te house at 68, 65 at night. I know it's different if you have higher humidity and air conditioning, but you know, it's hard to breathe and sleep when you're hot! And infants can't control their temperature by sweating so they're in great danger of overheating. Check with your doctor!



answers from Dallas on

i think he would be fine in a onesie and light pants. check at target - they have the carters pjs for summers and i think they start at 6 or 9 mos. my daughter just wears those and socks...no covers. she moves all over the crib, so a blanket wont work and plus she is a hot baby.


answers from Dallas on

We live in N. Texas too and we used to dress Aubrey in a onesie, carter's cotton pants that I bought at Babies R Us, and a pair of light socks. She was always comfy. If she got chilly, I'd just put a recieving blanket on her.



answers from College Station on

I live close to houston, so you get the idea of the heat here...I have a 7 month old daughter and put her in a onsie just like her 20 month old sister! My house stays about 75 and I have a blanket for my oldest she covers up with if she gets cold and I usually us nothing with my youngest unless 1)I get cold or 2) she feels cold when I check on her at night (she sleep throught the night!) Then I use a light weight recieveing blanket!



answers from Dallas on

I think you are overdressing him. (I'm North TX too) At this age, dress him as you dress yourself. Also, it seems kids run hotter than we do. My older one is always kicking off his sheet. As far as our baby, I dress him in sleep shorts and short sleeves. We are keeping air between 75-77 at night. If we ran the house cooler, more like 70-72, I'd use a lightweight sleeper with footies.



answers from Indianapolis on

We keep our house around 76-78 but the nursery is always the coolest place - the vent is almost directly above the HVAC. I always dressed my babies in a light-weight sleeper unless it was really hot or humid and then they slept in a onesie.



answers from Johnson City on

im in tn and we get the real humid summers i started out with the thin cotton footie pajamas until it got real bad then switched over to the gowns and if its realy bad a nosie and shorts they did alright my son still would sweat at night from time to time but he has always been a pretty good sized boy and heats up quicker than the rest but thats how i did things at that age.



answers from Washington DC on

We're in Baltimore and so I know about heat and humidity! In the spring/summer our son wears just a diaper and a pair of pj pants or shorts to bed. Assuming your son is rolling over, you can put a small blanket in the crib with him. My son is almost 2 and sleeps in a twin bed now and still won't stay under the sheet or blanket, but some kids will.

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