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Updated on March 03, 2011
E.G. asks from New Smyrna Beach, FL
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How do you discover your dream job?

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So What Happened?

I was watching cops and the one said something that hit me, I know this is my dream job.. and I thought how does he know that, what made him decide to try thig out. and it just got me thinking

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answers from Minneapolis on

Are you asking how to decide what type of work is best for you?

You can take assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory, or Strengthsfinder 2.0 to help you know what is a best fit for you.


You could work with a Career Coach to help you get there, also.

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answers from Dallas on

Mine fell into my lap. I work with my husband running our company (non MLM.... consulting and raw materials).

I can understand that a previous poster slammed working for married couples but that is not true in ALL cases.

At the moment we do not have employees, however, in the event that we do soon have employees, we pay 100% of ALL medical care and a good company car as benefits.

We've been together 25 yrs, communicate well and realize what benefits are most helpful for employees. We are also very aware of SAHM's who might need to work from home and we can easily incorporate that into the job.

Right now, I only have commissioned sales reps and occasional bookkeeping assistance.

That said,,, don't write off married couples. I agree, that some can be horrid to work with... some can be great. COMMUNICATION is key.

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answers from Springfield on

Patience and a willingness to try different things. It's very difficult to know what you're going to love or not love until you get in there.

My dream job also fell into my lap. I was in grad school and received a phone call from my future boss asking if I'd be interested in applying for a job there (one of my profs must have given him my name, because this phone call was out of the blue).

I left the job to move two states away when I met my husband. Fond memories!!! My boss was amazing. I learned so much from him.

Faith, positive attitude, openness to new experiences and a smile never hurts.

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answers from New York on

Completely by accident... I was in college and thought that I wanted to be a social psychologist (a.k.a. research rat). I had applied to PhD programs along the East Coast at the start of my Senior year and was at the same time notified that I needed three more "credits" to be considered a full-time student, so I registered for a "school psychology intern" experience. I completey fell in love with the field of education and the process of how children learn and grow. I withdrew all of my applications and reapplied for school psych programs and have never looked back!

As for the "married couple" referenced by Christine J- be careful making those kinds of generlizations. My parents co-own their company and have worked together for the last 25 years and while they don't agree on every decision, they do communicate and their employess have stayed with them through "good times and bad" b/c they do the same for their employees. You worked for a dysfunctional couple, but that's not how all couples work!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you read "What Color Is Your Parachute?"

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answers from Dover on

I found my dream job over 9 years ago working from home. I earn a full-time income around our family's busy schedule. I help other family's do the same.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I had a dream job but NOT dream bosses. Lesson learned was to NEVER work for married people. They do NOT communicate and you get caught in between 24/7.

Good luck finding yours.

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answers from Miami on

I don't know that you necessarily "find" your dream job. What are your interests? What do you like to do? Are you an action type of person or someone who likes to work behind the scenes? I believe you start with what interests you and find careers/jobs that would incorporate those interests. Good luck!


answers from Boca Raton on

Hi E.,
That's a good question. And I'm sure a lot of people are interested in the same thing.

What do you LOVE doing now ... Knitting, recycling, hosting parties?

What are you REALLY interested in ... Tennis, religion, writing poetry?

When you can answer those questions, your next project is to figure out how to get paid doing those things that you love.

My interest is health and Internet. I found a company in the wellness industry that allows me to work from home, mostly on the phone and the Internet. And I blog about health from a baby boomer perspective. I love everything I do.

Good luck, E.. I'm sure you can find a job or business that incorporates your favorite things, too. Want more ideas? I'd be happy to talk with you about finding your dream job.


PS: I don't login to this site very often. The best way to reach me is to click on my name above this message and contact me thru one of my sites.

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