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Updated on April 25, 2011
L.H. asks from Grapevine, TX
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Hi all, I'll spare you the very long saga but I have a child who is now 17. We had open heart surgery at Children's Med. Ctr. in Dallas at birth and have several stents placed in the arteries since. My problem is that one of the stents has slipped onto/into the pulmonary valve and destroyed it. The right side of his heart is larger due to the back flow of blood from the leaky valve. Our prior cardiologist told us it was not urgent "yet" and that we could wait. We've been waiting for about 3 years and thankful to put it off really. Problem is in the middle of our "wait" our cardiologist up and retired and blew out without us even getting a chance to say goodbye, who do we go to now, etc. My pediatrician referred us to Dr. Laird, Jr. HE is very concerned about the status of my son's heart and recommends we take action PDQ (within the next 60-90 days). His recommendation is to go in and get a recent cath photo and schedule a consult with Dr. Mendeloff for open heart surgery to clean it all up. This team is all new to us as is Medical City Children's. I so need someone to tell me these doctor's are the best and that it's going to be OK. Thanks for reading and any advice you have. We are blown away but we really did like Dr. Laird. We're just scared to death.

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So What Happened?

We had surgery on June 2 and my son is doing amazing. He has a new heart valve that is in and working. Medical City Children's, Dr. Mendeloff, and Dr. Laird are even better than everyone said they were! We are very VERY grateful for this team and this hospital and will forever consider ourselves blessed to have been put together with them. We are patients for life now. Thanks to all who responded and for all the prayers.

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Dr. Mendeloff and Dr. Laird are awesome. DD had open heart surgery with them when 6 mos old. We were, as you well know, never so scared in our lives. Everything went FANTASTICALLY. There were complications--absolutely not their fault, and everything was handled promptly and perfectly. We now have a completely healthy little girl, about to celebrate her 4th birthday. To this day, DH refers to the nurses in the PICU at Medical City as "the Jedi." You cannot get better care. When we were there, we were struck by the distances some people had travelled to get their kids in with Dr. Mendeloff--we are so blessed to have such a world-class surgeon so near by.

My prayers will be with you and your family. I know having your kid undergo heart surgery is absolutely awful, but rest assured you are in the absolute best hands. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more.

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I have a friend that is using Dr. Laird. He has been incredible. He did surgery on her 3 day old and he will now have another open heart surgery at 8 months. I would definitely recommend him. Good luck to you and your family. I know this is a very scary time. God Bless.

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Dr. Brian Eades in Medical City ###-###-#### is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is highly respected and so caring. He is a cardiologist and surgeon.



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May God be with your son and your family during this difficult and scary time.

Have faith, you will be in my prayers.




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hmmm I would be asking why did your first doctor was not concerned with replacing that before...and 3 years?? WOW..I have found older doctors tend to not be on the up and up about the newest and greatest things. My brother in law is a doctor and told us when picking your doctor, get one that is about high 30's or early 40s...they are not fresh out of school and they are not ready to retire..secondly is (and most importantly) check that they are board certified. If you are not sure, go get another opinion, but I would not mess around and put this off any longer...would you rather consider the alternative and your son have heart failure.
No matter what your son needs medical care...why short him of a healthy life...go get the surgery done.



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Please feel free to email me. [email protected]____.com

My daughter is 3. We see Dr. Timothy Thomas - who is partners with Dr. Laird Jr. We have also seen Dr. Laird Jr. Dr. Mendeloff did my daugthers heart surgery at age 8 days and 6 months. We are on the calendar for her 3rd surgery on June 28. I promose that you are in AMAZING hands. Dr. Mendeloff has many teen-age patients.

I would be happy to talk with you more.



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Hi L.. When I saw the subject of your question, I couldn't wait to log on to respond!! My daughter was born with Tetrology of Fallot. She is an identical twin, but my other daughter was born with a healthy heart. I started seeing our cardiologist, Dr. Kao, when I was four months pregnant and we had surgeons on stand by when the girls were born in case they needed to operate immediately. We went through four surgeries (we had amazing surgeons that are now retired, but both prayed together before every surgery), with the last being emergency surgery when she was four years old. She was scheduled to have an angioplasty to delay another surgery because a roundtable review showed that there was another defect that wasn't previously discovered that caused her surgery to be more risky. During insertion on the stint, the stint went back into her heart. We were told that this was a risk. Emergency surgery had to be performed to remove the stint. My husband and I were devastated! Dr. Mendeloff was called in to do the emergency surgery. He flew into Dallas from Denver!! Without much notice, we had to make the decision to allow him to do a complete repair. My daughter is now 9 years old and healthy!! I believe that God used Dr. Mendeloff to save my daughter. You are in great hands! I can't wait to hear the update from you in June!



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I have experience working as a PICU nurse at MCCH Dallas and seeing his work on patients from hours old to teens. He is so meticulous! He is stringent with the nurses on how he expects the care to go in the Cardiac ICU post-op also. The patients have 1/1 care most of the time. I would feel comfortable with any of my three children having an operation performed by Dr. M. Some of my friends are still nurses in that unit and are the best at what they do. The turnover there is extremely low, and they're extremely well educated, dedicated and focused. The unit is new and clean. You will be very pleased with the quality of care and outcome of the surgery. If he comes of cocky or arrogant, I think it's just because he's just focused on the surgical aspects of work. He allows himself little time for leisure. He's the BEST in Dallas!!!



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My son was born with transposition of the great arteries in nov 2010 and had open heart surgery at 6 days old by dr mendeloff. He had a cardiac cath prior to surgery with dr. Kort. Medical city childrens hospital is an amazing place, and the cardiac unit is top notch. Our son spent his first 6 days in the NICU which we thought was a pretty outstanding place, and then once he was in the cardiac heart surgery unit after, it was several levels above the NICU. Dr mendeloff is talented, kind and compassionate. The nurses are amazing. I hope everything goes well, you are giving your son access to the best care there is, hands down. Best of luck and thoughts are with you.

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