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Updated on July 10, 2009
N.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
4 answers

Has any moms had any experience with Dr. Hung from ENT Dallas? My 17 month needs tubes and we were referred to this MD. Thanks!

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Fron Dallas ENT group w/ Dr Trone right? When my daughter had tubes put in her ears we were referred to the other doctor in the practice Dr timothy trone. For follow ups and for my husbands sinus problems we have all seen Dr Hung and think he is great. He takes the time to sit down and discuss everything with you. I think both doctors in ths practice are fantastic and they has excellent experience with pediatrics

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We used him a few months back for tubes in my daughter's ears and he was great. Good choice. He's great with kids... and very nice to the parents. They did a great job and my kid has been healthy ever since we did it.



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Hi N., don't know anything about the Dr. in question, but Why do you think your child needs tubes? I ask because my nephew got tubes at an early age, and had problems all through school. His sister did not, and she did just fine. We used a pediatrician ?sp?, and we told him my little girl was sent to nurses office, because she did not hear what teacher said about assignment. Nurse sent her to another room to be tested,a few days later,(with parent permission, and present). we were told she needed tubes in her ears.He looked inside and had her go sit across the room while he talked to mommy, then he spoke to her in low tones, she responded well. He advised us to NOT do it, leave her ears alone, besides, he had had an influx of parents lately saying ,basicly same story. He said it's like "the flavor of the week",at a Baskin Robins, .She's 23yrs. now and never had any problems at all.
Please ,check in with several Drs. before putting your child through this, or yourself. They can come out, and water gets into them etc.My nephew said his ears hurt when he ate, as they were working out.Thanks for reading, just my experience with same . I know you will do what you think is best.


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If this is the same Dr he has an office in Desoto and in Lancaster. It's pronounced Wang?

If this is the same Dr, I STRONGLY reccomend him. He took my daughter's adenoids out and put tubes in and she was about 4. She LOVES him. She still talks about him as her favorite Dr.

I hope its the same one because he is awesome!

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