Updated on May 08, 2012
K.R. asks from Raeford, NC
7 answers

i'm 3 weeks away from my due date and curious, how much a Doula will cost?

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answers from Chicago on

My Doulas were awesome!
i was 3 weeks away from my due date they took me in with no issues, they cost $1100 and i got 2 of them(they like to work together, in sets of two's), very well experinced.
They were amazing! It was the best investment i have ever made!
I would Highly Recommend Them!
J. & Carol
Chicago Land Area


answers from Tampa on

I had a newer doula and it was $300... she was great!! Many experienced doulas charge around $6-800, but are very worth it if you want 24/7 emotional support and motivation during your birth. You can also have a better experience with a doula than without one.



answers from Minneapolis on

Mine was in training and didn't charge us anything.


answers from Denver on

Mine was 350, she had done 5 other births, so she was newer. More experienced ones in my area were ###-###-####.



answers from Minneapolis on

Google doula's for your area. There should be a local website with info. Some of the hospitals in our area provide them for free... I'd guess most charge around $400 - $600 in MN.




answers from Spokane on

My friend charged about $250 for her first five clients, see if you can find someone who is trying to get her first births done, then you can star in her portfolio! :)



answers from Raleigh on

Our doula was about $500. She was amazing and so helpful. I don't know if I could have had a successful vbac without her. So, definitely worth the money!

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