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Updated on April 16, 2013
D.A. asks from Tampa, FL
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Are Doulas used by moms in this area. I am a licensed massage therapy and have decided that my career should "curve" towards doula and post doula work. And I am thinking how important it is to have a post doula baby sit a newborn when the parents take that GIANT step of leaving the baby with someone for the very first time. Thoughts? D.

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So What Happened?

Oh my. I sure did a poor job in the wording of my very first ever post! A doula is nice if you are able. Always ask as she may have a sliding scale for those in need. And doula and post doula are both used by women who don't have family available. Or what happens after the first 2 weeks home and everyone else flies back home, husband is at work, and there you are with a 'tear' the size of a ...well very serious. You are doing a soak and the beautiful 'on demand' baby starts crying? You have had limited sleep and it is only 9:00 a.m. and YOU are hungry too. What i just described is what my daughter faced. It was awful for her. As for baby sitting, you make a good point. But i would be very happy to baby sit for what would be normally charged by your friend's daughter. (if she is charging) I do need to add; I DID NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR THE FIRST MONTH OF MY DAUGHTERS BIRTH AND THEN WHEN I FINALLY DID, NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO HOLD TO TOUCH HER. I FINALLY DID LET MY GRANDMOTHER HOLD HER. YES i was overly protective. love to all. would love to hear from you all again.

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I considered using a birth doula, but the cost was prohibitive for us. I can see how birth doulas can have a really positive role for a woman in labor.

Post-Partum Doula, I don't know... I honestly would never consider leaving my newborn with anybody and I don't know how leaving a baby with a Doula would be any different than leaving her with any other sitter. I guess I could see how a single mom, or one whose husband isn't around could use a PP-Doula to catch a break and take a shower during those first days.

This may just be me being weird, but when I first had my baby, I did NOT want any "help" with her. I loved holding and taking care of her and had a hard time even giving her to my DH while I showered. When we were first ready to go out without her she was 7 months old and stayed with my mom... no need paying a PP-doula for that.
A housekeeper who cleans, does the dishes and the laundry now that I think would be useful...

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answers from Springfield on

I would not hire someone to watch my other children while I'm in the hospital having another child. That's what my family and friends are for. I currently have a doula right now and her main job is to support me emotionally especially when it comes time to have my baby.

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answers from Columbus on

Postpartum doulas do not babysit kids, just fyi. They provide postpartum support for moms--helping with meals, some light cleaning, answering questions about baby care, teaching soothing techniques for baby & mom, etc.

Check out DONA and get certified through their program ( Contact your local midwives group and see if you can make contacts w/ local doulas (most doulas apprentice with an experience doula for quite a while).

Most of the doulas I've seen offer a "hardship" rate, or whatever, if the $ is problem for the family. But if you make payments, it's really not that expensive (and most of the ones we interview were willing to take payments).



answers from Pittsburgh on

DH and I had a post partum doula for the first two weeks after DS was born. We were completely inexperienced with babies and I thought is was a great help. Although 3 adults staring at a newborn does get a little boring sometimes and she did run out of things to do. We absolutely left DS with her to get out of the house for a few hours. After 2 weeks, my mom (who lived 3000 miles away at the time) came for 2 weeks and DH went back to work. Then MIL came for a few days but she is 80 and came to see the baby, not really to 'help' (completely understandable). By 4 weeks, we kind of felt like we had the hang of it - I went back to work PT, DH stayed home PT.

I would NOT ask my friends to take care of a newborn. And some of us do not have family down the street who can just drop everything else in their lives.



answers from Sarasota on

I currently live in new port Richey Florida and I NEED a doula if you are still in the area or know anyone please let me know. I'm looking to do a home water birth because there seems to be only hospitals near by.PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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