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Updated on July 21, 2011
C.S. asks from Monsey, NY
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I know this question was asked a few years ago, but I'm asking now so that I can get more updated answers. I am looking for a birth doula to be with me for my delivery in Manhattan. I do not have much time, as I am already 36 weeks, and I just realized that there is no way that I can have a natural childbirth without a doula. I actually live about 40 minutes out of Manhattan (Rockland County), so I don't know how it works, finding someone local to me, or local to the city. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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answers from New York on

I don't know of a doula but I delivered at Good Samaritan with the Midwives from Tallman OB GYN in suffern.. I had a very positive experience with Lynnea and Sandy. They may also be able to connect you with a doula..
Best of luck!

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answers from Tampa on

As others have said... you can google DONA to see who's in your area, you can also call around Birthing Centers, many birthing assistants are doulas also but of they aren't they'd have many recommendations for you.

If you are going for a hospital birth, look for a hospital birthing doula. She will be more versed in how to stand up for you in that high stress environment.



answers from New York on

The doula I had with my second baby was really good. Her name is Lynn Christianson and her web site is She is in Tenafly, NJ which is quite close to Rockland and Manhattan. There is a group of doulas who all work with the Midwife I had and all the ones I spoke to for phone interviews seemed capable. Also search for my friend Carrie Parker Gastilu (she has a web site)--she is mostly a yoga & prenatal yoga instructor and teaches childbirth education but I am sure she knows people in the area who are doulas as well. She lives in NJ but practices in Hoboken and Manhattan too. I have known her since we were kids so I know she is reliable. Another good way to find someone is to check with a local LaLeche leader in your area--they often tend to know the local doulas, midwifes and pro breastfeeding pediatricians.

My friend was able to get a TENS unit that provided pain relief through electrical stimulation. It is commonly used by chiropractors and physical therapists here but is used for labor pain in other countries. It helped a lot! I got through 6 hours of induced labor without drugs (but eventually I needed an emergency c-section).



answers from San Francisco on

At 37 weeks - DONTLA!




answers from New York on

Hi...should be fairly easy to find someone....check out the bottom elft hand side of this link to search for a doula in your area....
Also check in yoga studios, health food stores for names. And check the forum at
You can do it!
Best of luck



answers from New York on

Hi there! Never too late to look for a doula, hopefully you'll find someone to help you. You'll need to find someone who will meet with you ahead of time, come to the hospital and be available for a postpartum visit, so that's up to the individual doula how much they are willing to travel. I was a childbirth educator and occasional doula for years. Visit the DONA site to find listings of doulas, You can search by state.



answers from Portland on

I would look at the DONA website or craigslist and see what you can find. Good luck an congrats!!!



answers from New York on

I used Deborah Badran as my doula at NYU Medical Center. Her contact info is or ###-###-####. I thought she was great. Give her a try, she might be free.

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