Double Strollers for 19 Month Old and Newborn

Updated on October 10, 2008
J.J. asks from Fox Lake, IL
5 answers

Hi MAMA'S!!!

So I am not due until May but I want to start looking at double strollers now to start figuring how much money I will need to spend. Does anyone have a great recommendation or any that you would not buy? I would like something that will go from holding a Graco infant seat to one that will accommodate my two kids after we are done with the infant seat after that. Thanks for all the help you can offer.

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I own a stroller fitness company, so I've seen every stroller out there. I have a 4 year old, a 23 month old, and a 1 month old and would give up my house before I would give up my Valco Runabout with the toddler seat. My youngest is in the main stroller, my toddler sits in the jump-seat in front, and my son can ride along on the hitchhiker on the back. If I only have one child with me, I can take off all of the attachments and just have a normal stroller. Even with all of the attachments, my stroller is no bigger than normal, so I can maneuver through a store with no problem. I never need another stroller for any purpose. As the person who recommended the BOB said, I also don't use the infant seat, I recline the seat all the way back and use a European carrier (like a papoose) that is much more comfortable for a newborn than the infant car seat.

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Depends on what you want to spend and what your everyday needs are but I love my BOB Dualie Revolution. I run about 3 days a week and live in a neighborhood that I can walk everywhere so I needed a stroller that was very easy to maneuver and also very comfortable for my kids. We've been very happy with it. It's carseat adaptable but I never used it as it reclined so far down that I didn't feel the carseat was necessary.



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Phil and Teds 100%. I did a lot of research. Mine are 15 months apart and I LOVE my stroller.



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Good Morning! I went back and forth on the double stroller issue for months before deciding upon the plain 'ol Graco DuoGlider. Personally, I think mine is ugly, but it has definitely been most practical. As my girlfriend with twins told me, even though the American Disability Act mandates that businesses have doors and bathroom stalls (etc.) through which a wheelchair can fit (which are about the same size as the side-by-sides), it doesn't mean that the side-by-side strollers can fit through the store aisles.

Without a doubt, the best feature of the DuoGlider was that I could safely insert the infant carrier (straight from the car). I did not want to unstrap a sleeping infant from his carrier and re-strap him into a stroller.

However, if my child had been older, I would have seriously considered a sit-n-stand stroller instead of the DuoGlider. My firstborn was only 15 months old when baby 2 arrived, so getting her to stand in one place without falling or jumping out would not have been possible! 19 months seems a little young to stay put without being strapped-in, but it really depends on your daughter.

Congratulations on your growing family!



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Hi! I was going back and forth with the Graco double stroller and the Baby Trend sit and stand. I waited long enough that Baby Trend came out with a double stroller that converts into a sit and stand. I LOVE IT!!! My daughters are 3 1/2 and my other one is 1 year. I was able to use it with her car seat carrier too. It comes with an attachment so it will work. It's so easy to push around and it's not real bulky either. Good Luck!!

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