Double Stroller to Fit CHICCO CORTINA Infant Carrier

Updated on May 26, 2009
K.L. asks from Pompano Beach, FL
5 answers

I currently have a 20 mo boy who is very tall and expecting another boy in Aug. I need suggestions for a double stroller. I think I would prefer a front to back. I am having trouble finding one that will fit the infant carrier that I already have ( Chicco Cortina travel system). I looked at the sit n stand double in the "One Step ahead catalog" but my infant carrier is not one of the ones listed that will work with this stroller. Help! running out of time !

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answers from Miami on


Another option that my sister and I did, don't buy a double stroller at all. They are big, bulky and heavy. Instead use whatever stroller you use with your son now and use a sling or a bjorn or whatever type of carrier you are comfortable with. By the time that your 2nd is old enough to be out of the sling/bjorn (even say at 6 months), your son will 2.5 years or older and may not be willing (or fit comfortably) into a double stroller. My friend insisted on doing the double Graco Duo and she only used it for 6months before her oldest was too tall!!

I will tell you that by 30 months, my son was done with the stroller entirely!

You are not running out of time, it is the baby stores that are trying to make you spend money before you need to!!

Good luck finding the right solution for you. C.



answers from Jacksonville on

The Joovy Caboose sit and stand is an excellent double! I think it will also fit almost any infant carrier. Worth a look and def worth the money though it is a bit pricey.



answers from Jacksonville on

congratulations on your new addition!!

have you tried looking into the Joovy sit and stand. i love mine and with our third baby coming into our lives, this stroller i know will be a big help!!

i recommend looking into the Joovy ULTRALITE sit and stand stroller.

Best wishes and happy delivery!!



answers from Orlando on

Hello there! Congrats on the new baby. I DO NOT RECOMEND front and back strollers. My friend has to babies and she hates it. The baby in the front is very uncomfertble. The seats in the front hardly recline. She says it SUPER difficult. I bought a side by side for my daughter and my niece (we are always together) who are the same age. Its easier for us than 2 single strollers. The get to sit next to each other and interact share toys and snacks. Also, the seats recline wonderfully and you have an easy access to the basket in the bottom of the stroller. SIDE BY SIDE is my recomendation. I purchased mine on craigslist for $50.00 it is great and VERY lightweight. Hope you find what you need for your little ones.



answers from Orlando on

Kelly, Congrats! I too am in the same situation as you. I have a now 19th month old and am expecting my 2nd on the end of September. I also have the Chicco Key Fit 30 and would like a double stroller that is tandem. The Contours Options is the solution. They sell them at BRU, but are kinda expensive $219; if you can get some friends/family that were going to get you gifts have them pool money and get it for you.

The stroller is tandem (back & front) and both seats swivel so you can have them in either direction whether it both are front or back, facing each other, or the front seat facing forward and you'll have the baby closest to you and facing you - however way you want them they will adjust to with ease. Both seats recline all the way back no matter what position you have the seats in. It has a great basket space underneath also. I went to BRU and played around with it and it seems like it would be great for our adventures out of the home. I put my current infant seat in there and it works and put my daughter in there also and walked around the store to see how the feel of it would be. I folded it down also and even though it is a little clunky, it will be worth my effort of having the both of them in one stroller without much effort on your part.

Good luck to you and hope that this one will work for your needs also!

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