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Updated on November 15, 2011
L.O. asks from Hawthorne, NY
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I'm having # 2 the end of January. My first will be 23 months at that time.

I have decided I need a double stroller because my son won't stay by my side if I have him walking and I know I need to strap him in something. I also don't think he would put up with one of the strollers when he would have to be behind/underneath the new baby.

The stroller I have for him is the City Mini, which I LOVE. I'm thinking about getting the double...

What is the best double stroller and why?


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answers from Dallas on

I have some version of a Maclaren double umbrella stroller and I LOVE it. When I was first looking, a friend suggested it, and it was so expensive I thought "Must be nice..." and went looking at others.

Other double strollers were SO HEAVY, didnt fit in my trunk, didnt push smoothly...

I got a Maclaren double off of craigslist for @ $70 and I love it. Its super easy to use, and lighter than my Chicco Trevi single stroller. Also, the seats recline, so I could bring my little one starting at @ 3-4 months (before that I used a single and carried the baby in a sling).

If I had to do it over again, I would have bought one new (and nicer looking) because they are definitely worth the money.

When you are taking two small children on an outing, the LAST thing you need to mess with is a cumbersome stroller.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have the Phil & Ted Sport. It can be used as a double or single. I like it a lot. It is heavy to lift into the trunk, but it drives so well that I can use only one hand to push.



answers from Dallas on

We are getting the Citi-Select because we wanted a front and back stroller and not a side to side. Also, one kid sits higher than the other so they are not behind the front seat. We are having twins so we are getting the glider board for our daughter, who will be 3, can stand on it and ride along. She is not one to sit in a stroller. I'm against the side by side because of all the space it takes up. Also, the Citi-Select is not has long as some of the other front to back strollers, and each seat holds up to 45 lbs. From all the reviews I've read the double fits in a sedan's trunk. We have an SUV so we shouldn't have a problem with the stroller fitting in the trunk. I found that, here in my town, that Buy Buy Baby has the best selection of strollers in stock to actually look at and test out in the store.



answers from New York on

City Mini. We LOVE it. It's so maneuverable (sp?). I now have #3 and can push the 4 yo and 2 yo while slinging the baby and walking the dog. Not kidding. And I'm clumsy, so there's your proof, lol.



answers from San Francisco on

I was going to with Citi-Select after reading all the good reviews. However, my daughter who was 2 back then was really starting to dislike strollers. So I went with the Joovy Sit & Stand instead. She loved how she can get off and on whenever she pleased. Now that she's about to be 3 she hates it. I mean to the point where she would rather have me carry her lol. Im thinking about getting the side by side Maclaren Twin Triumph since we love our single stroller, which is what is use now. Basically what im trying to say is go with what your toddler would be more comfortable with..



answers from Philadelphia on

Baby Jogger City Mini! I see someone else recommend the Micro. The Micro is cheaper but the seats don't recline and the wheels are smaller so may not work as well on grass/gravel/beaches. I can tell you the Mini works great everywhere. Super easy to push and folds up easily.



answers from New York on

I bought the City Mini double. I haven't had a chance to use it yet (due any day now!), but I love my single! My son will be 22 months when the new baby arrives.

Every mom I talked to in my research recommended side by side instead of behind/underneath - unless you need a real jogging stroller.

The only thing that is annoying is that I have to partially dismantle the car seat attachment in order to fit the thing in my trunk! I have a small car (Civic), and once we ditch the car seat adapter it will be fine, but for the first few months it will be an extra step each time I use it.



answers from Cleveland on

We borrowed a double from my BIL, It was a really expensive one.....I HATED it. Hard to push, hard to store, hard to collapse......

We have a sit and stand now, I hate it too lol I really don't have any great suggestions though only what to avoid.



answers from San Antonio on

I strongly vote for the side-by-side Jeep double stroller. We had a Graco one that had our newborn sitting behind our son. She HATED it. We borrowed a side by side one when we were on vacation. They both loved it and we still use it now. (daughter is 2, son is 3 1/2.)

Good Luck!



answers from New York on

We had the bugaboo single stroller when my dd was a baby. She took was 23 months when my son was born. We needed a double stroller since we live in NYC and she couldn't walk as much as we do. We originally bought the double City Elite which we used 3 or 4 times. It was way too heavy for me to fold for the few times we needed a taxi. We ended up selling that and went for the city mini double. I love it. I used it every day, rain or snow. I find it to work for both ages. Recently we started using our bugaboo and use the kick board. They take turns on who stands. My 4 yr still gets tired with all the walking.


answers from Chicago on

I have the City Micro double. LOVE IT!

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