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Updated on December 05, 2008
E.M. asks from Royal Oak, MI
6 answers


I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and have a 2.5 yr old. I am looking into a double stroller and would like to hear what ones you recommend and why.


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answers from Detroit on

My boys are 28 months apart. I have tried just about every double stroller. My husband lauged at me because I kept buying strollers, bringing them home to try, then taking them back. The one I ended up with I swore I did not want to try, but a friend highly recommended it. My 2 1/2 year old will ONLY ride in the Sit N Stand (he calls it the backwards stroller, since he gets to ride backwards). It holds the baby carrier, but it is A LOT lighter and less bulky than the Graco Duo Glide.

I like for him to walk and get as much exercise as possible, but then he can easily jump back in when he gets tired. (Or there are straps to keep him seated when I need him to stay int he stroller while shopping or in the airport) If you are concerned with having a full seat in the case that the older child is tired and migh nap in the stroller, they make a SitNStand deluxe that has a removable back seat, so you have the seat or bench.

If you think you would prefer a side-by-side, I would recommend the Peg Perego Aria Twin for a compact light-wieght travel stroller, or the InStep Safari jogger. This The InStep Safari is a great choice if you plan on using it around town moer than actaully jogging. It is A LOT more economical than the Bob, it have a swivel front wheel for easier manuverability while walking, it is easy to fold, it folds to a managable size, and best part it costs less than $200.

Congrats on #2 and good luck choosing a stroller!



answers from Detroit on

My kids are 18 months apart.. so things were a bit different for me.

I have a graco duoglide..

It was a great stroller for a newborn and a 18 month old.. the back seat lays flat so the baby could lay on his tummy and snooze while we strolled. the car seat also snapped in the stroller nicely.-- we bought ours used -- I recommend getting a used one and saving money.

Now that the kids are 3 years and 18 months.. I hate the stroller.. it is too heavy... too hard to push...

I really want a double umbrellas stroller... just something light that will hold 2 kids and keep them contained.

I often now just take the single umbrella stroller.. just to keep the 18 month old contained and have th e3 year old walk.

I think my answer is... a double stroller that is great for a newborn might not be so great in a year or so..

You might think about the sit and stand stroller. for the sit and stand the older child should be 2.5 and so it wouldnt have worked for us.. but now I think it might be a great stroller for us.



answers from Detroit on

Hi E.!

We have this stroller:

My boys are 18 months apart. I love this stroller! It's light (21 lbs total I think), easy to maneuver, and fits through handicapped accessible doorways. The seats recline independently. I mostly use it on walks and if we have to go to a department store or the mall, and occasionally on trips to the doctor.

The only things I'm a bit bummed about is that the storage baskets underneath are small and there are no snack trays. Also, since they sit side by side, they are now interested in taking toys from each other and have "easy access" to having their hands on each other. This might just be my boys (ha,ha) as they are now 2.5 and almost 1.

My advice to you is to think about when you'll need to have both of your kiddos in a stroller, and what time of year you'll need it most - and base your decisions on that. For example, I used to use the double a lot when I first went to the pediatrician with them both, but now, I will put my youngest in a single and have my 2 year old walk.

Best of luck, and enjoy having two! :)


answers from Detroit on

I have a Bob Revolution.

It is very pricy but so worth it! Trust me, I am a penny pincher and did not want to pay big bucks for a stroller. So, at first we opted for the Baby Trend Double Jogger.

It was nice and had some great features. My favorite feature was that the canopy would tilt all the way forward to block the sun if it was facing the kids head on.It also had a great parent tray for keys and bottle of water,it also had a MP3 speaker so your kids (and you) can listen to music while you walk.

Let me clarify... I am not a jogger but really wanted a jogging stroller cause they manover soooooo much easier than the tandem strollers. Plus I wanted a side by side because whoever is in back of the tandem stroller can kick the seat in front and/or pull hair. Not that you would allow this behavior but even if it is the baby in back they don't know the difference and just do that stuff. Did I mention they are a bear to manover!

Okay, so after owning the Baby Trend for 2 months the front wheel began shaking and sticking so we returned it for a full refund! It was very kind of Babies R Us to do that!

Then we ended up purchasing the BOB because it got awesome reviews and it totally lives up to them other than the price. Too high for our budget but really does make life easier. The sun shades are sparated so if the little one needs it and the other one doesn't you can please everyone, You can purchase a parent tray that has two cup holders and a pouch for your keys, It has storage on the backs of both seats and underneath, I moves as smooth a butter! I am telling you I can move the thing with two fingers, hubby swears it rolls on it's own. It is so easy to move on pavement, dirt, stones or grass. The handle bars are nice and high so if you or hubby are tall you don't break your back slouching over to push it. The seats are comfy for the kids big and small. My 3 year old is the size of a 4 year old and he loves riding in it (especially when I go fast). It has a five point harness so they are in there secure. And the shocks on this thing are awesome. The kids can bounce in it as if they were in a boucy house!
We get compliments on ours all the time!

YOu are looking at the right time of year. Take your time and do your homework. I did the same last year and spent my winter selling stuff (from around the house) on ebay to raise the money for the double stroller. It cost us about $400! I figure I could use it for a few years and resell it for a good price too. YOu might notice more and more of them around.

If you wanted to do a similar stroller to the Baby Trend, we also looking into the Schwinn Double Jogger. It was good and had some nice features, again the sun visor when all the way forward and the price was reasonable. They are hard to find in stores to try them out too.

We got our Bob for $100 off at
they were great!

My recommendation is to try it before you buy it. Sit the kids in it and push it around.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



answers from Detroit on

I just went through the same stroller dilemna! I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old right now. I asked the same question of the Mamasource moms and most people recommended the Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand. I really wanted a side/by/side that could also hold the infant carrier. I already have an umbrella-style double (the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport) which is GREAT for when the baby is able to sit up and can ride in that one but needed something for the meantime.

I got a Zooper Tango double for the side-by-side. My carseat does fit in one side but I don't love it that way. But it's perfect for longer days when my 3 year old may need to nap or sit longer and not be able to walk far. Both sides recline fully and individually. It's expensive but it found it (barely) used on Craigslist for less than half the price.

We did end up getting the Baby Trend Sit-n-Stand as well. (Ended up paying the same for both these strollers as I would have paid for the Zooper alone had I bought it new). I LOVE this for quick everyday trips. I didn't think I would like the front/back style - but it really is perfect. And it actually folds smaller than my big single stroller that hooks the carseat. This stroller can fit any carrier and then the attachment changes to a tray when they are no longer in the carrier. My 3 year old loves the freedom to be able to walk or just quickly jump on to ride if he gets tired. And it's perfect for parking lots - I can have him ride till we get where we're going then he can walk. And it does have a buckle if I need him to stay put. The only down is that the older child couldn't nap in this one because he just has the bench seat. But we have not run into that problem so far! The storage underneath isn't great for anything of decent size (my purse and all our jackets are great - but not the diaper bag) - but the bars where the toddler holds on are great and I just hang the diaper bag from there. I have actually loaded those bars up with shopping bags too! So it fits more stuff than you would expect!

I know this may not be much help - I have 3 strollers! - but I hope it gave you some insight. It just depends what you do most - and if you're out when your older child may need to nap. Good luck with your decision! I'm really happy with mine.



answers from Detroit on

I have a 10 month old and a 3.5 year old and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Joovy Caboose - it is like the sit n stand, but lighter. There are a few drawbacks - 1. When you put the babycarrier car seat on the front the seat has to be reclined, which leaves little room for the child on the back to sit (did not bother me since my guy preferred standing anyway).
2. No cupholder for mom - solved this by buying the $20 neoprene cupholder/organizer that slips over the handle (made by Joovy, sold at babies r us) - thought it was worht it for how much lighter and smaller the Joovy was compared to the baby trend.

It took my guy a little while to learn how to ride on the back - he kept jumping off, but he learned eventually and now that my younger one is 10 mo - it works great. Way better than a huge bulky traditional double stroller.

If you are interested in a sit n stand type, the Baby trend is at Target and the Joovy is at Babies R us, so you can take them for a test drive :)

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