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Updated on December 18, 2009
M.S. asks from Tempe, AZ
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We've been looking into a double stroller and can't seem to find one that actually will allow room for growth. I really want a side by side since the tandems only allow the toddler to sit in the back if the infant seat is fitted in (and my son constantly kicked the front seat when we tried different ones out). We tried out about every double stroller at Babies'R'Us and didn't find a thing, and unfortunately most of the ones I wanted to try were online only. We're looking for one that:
A. Will fit an infant seat
B. Allows room for growth
C. Has 3-pt harnesses
D. Relatively light weight
E. Less than like $250

We currently just use an inexpensive umbrella stroller for our 17M old since he's not a stroller fan & it REALLY does the job for us, so we have to find something not too restrictive. Thanks for the help!

* I forgot to mention the ones we tried and have already nixed at BRU:
-Combi side by side (light, but flimsy; seats are already small for my thin toddler; hard to fold)
-Kolcraft Contours (heavy; seat is already small for my guy; didn't seem user friendly)
-Sit'n'stand (both w/ & w/out back seat; can't put infant seat where back seat is; my guy doesn't stay well on the spot to sit)
-Graco tandems (can't put infant seat in back seat; really tight fit with toddler in back)
-In Step side by side jogger (can't put infant seat in)

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answers from Phoenix on

A Sit and Stand is great! I use it with 3 kids and they all fit!!



answers from Albuquerque on

I love love love my Phil & Teds, they can be a little pricy but the opitions you get with just one stroller make it well worth it.



answers from Phoenix on

I have a 6 month old and an 18 month old. I did a lot of research because I have a Chicco car seat and they don't make double strollers. We purchased the Kolcraft Contours stroller. I'm really happy with it. It's big - but you have to expect that with any double stroller. I love that you can use the seats in so many different combinations. Right now I have my youngest in the infant seat in the back facing me and my older daughter facing out in the front so she can see everything. The seat is so much more comfortable for her than our regular Chicco stroller also. They also include an infant headrest so you can begin to use the regular seat rather than the carseat a little earlier if you like. People who have reviewed it comment that its a pain to take off the seats to store compactly and that's its heavy. Honestly it's not that big of a deal, the seats come off easily and it's not heavy for me. I also love how big the storage area is on the bottom. I copied the features for the stroller from the manufacturer website and posted them below. Hope this helps.

•• Seats Easily Reverse to Create 6 Different Stroller Options. Children Can Both Face Parent, Face Each Other, Face Forward or Back to Back. The Options Tandem Can Also Be Used with Only the Front Seat so There's Lots of Storage in Back.
•• Infant Car Seat Attachment Fits Most Car Seat Brands on the Market. Additional Car Seat Attachment is Sold Separately to Accommodate Twins!
•• Both Seats Recline for Infant's Comfort
•• Ultra Smooth Ride & Steering with Two 8" Front Single Swivel & 10" Rear Never Flat Wheels
•• Easy Trigger Fold and Convenient Free-Stand™ Allows the Stroller to Stand on its Own! And if You Remove Both Seats, This Stroller Will Become More Compact When Storing in Small Places.
Parent Tray with 2 Drink Holders Keeps Drinks Close By
•• Front Child Bar Rotates & Removes for Easy Child Access. And Toddlers Can Get in By Themselves With the 2 Easy Steps.
•• Other Children Can Walk & Use the Hold-On™ Handles
•• Infant Head Rest Protects Newborn's Head
•• Sunrider Canopies Adjusts in all Directions to Block the Sun
•• Large Basket Accommodates All Babies' Gear
•• Height Adjustable 5 for Safety and Padded Sleeves for Comfort



answers from Flagstaff on

I have the Graco Quattro Tour Duo. I actually did a lot of research and initially purchased a side by side, but ended up returning it because it was not very comfortable to lay a small child in. The Quattro Tour Duo is a very cush stroller. I bought it when I was expecting my second and I already had my son who was 18 months when I had my second. I ended up choosing this one because it can actually hold two infant car seats (front and back - if you had twins), the back seat actually lays down like a carriage (so if you don't want to bring the car seat, you can lay an infant down without worrying about them sliding out), it has five point harnesses or you can use them as a three point harness, it is smaller overall and folds up smaller than any other double stroller I have seen, and has lots of storage space and cup holders. My son who is now 3 1/2 and my daughter is 2 - love this stroller! Every time I pull it out, they jump right in and they both fit in the front and back. When I was looking for one - I actually found it online with free shipping, no tax, for $200 even! The only thing I can think of that you might have a concern with is if you don't have a Graco infant car seat - it may not snap in (mine didn't because I had a Britax) but I usually just took my daughter out of the car seat and just layed her in it or I have a single stroller I would use on occassion if I wanted to keep her in her car seat and usually my husband would walk with my son. Also, the wheels can lock on this stroller so that if you are going through gravel it is easier to manuever with the wheels locked. Hope this helps!



answers from Phoenix on

I recommend the Baby Trend double jogging stroller. It is just under $200. I LOVE this stroller. My 4 kids love this stroller too and it's great for them to climb in and out of with ease and they prefer to be side by side. However, it does not accomodate an infant seat. What I would recommend is using a baby carrier and wearing your infant until he/she is old enough (6 months old for this stroller). Seems you always have to compromise when looking for a stroller, unless you don't have a budget. Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I agree, we really liked the sit and stand. I got the lx model (, and it had the stroller regular seat in the back, but you could take it off later to make it a normal sit and stand since my son was only 17 mo when my second was born. If you have a problem with him kicking, you can have him in front and the carseat in the back, I am sure there is enough room for it. But those big brothers catch on quick about what they can't do...kicking is one of them. :) You really don't want to spend too much money, since in a couple years your oldest will be out of the stroller anyway.

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