Double Stroller? Car Seat?

Updated on August 06, 2009
K.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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I am due with baby #2 in three months. I need some sort of double stroller- I'd love to get one that could double as a jogger and mall stroller, but I also know that moms love the sit and stand strollers. Any recommendations from a mom who doesn't want to make more mistakes with baby gear?

Also, my husband is not driving an SUV so we need a car seat for my 2 1/2-year old for his car. Most car seats tend to sit him so close to the roof in the back seat. Any ideas?

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I love love love my sit n stand plus/deluxe that i got from target. Can't say enough :)

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I'm also due in 3 months with #2!! I just bought our double stroller at Babies R Us b/c they had a coupon for 15% off last weekend. After reading a lot of reviews online, I decided to get the Kolcraft Contours Options stroller. It's the one where the seats can face different directions, and it has a car seat attatchment (you remove a seat to put in the carseat). I tested it out at the mall with my 2 y/o and so far I love it! It's got a large basket, bigger wheels, and comfortable seats. I also like that my older son will sit up front when the car seat is on, instead of the back like the sit/stands. He likes to be able to see everything. Plus, his head doesn't hit the car seat when sitting in this stroller, like it did others when I tested them out in the store.

It is heavy and bulky, but that was the biggest complaint that I saw online so I knew that before buying it. To me it's worth the size if my kids are going to be comfortable! Just test out the stroller in the store with your son and an infant car seat (unless you're using a convertible) to make sure you like it.

As far as car seats go, we got my son the Britax Regent when he turned 1. He loves it! We've put it in my inlaws Nissan Sentra, and the biggest problem is he doesn't have much leg room. But the height was just fine. For my big purchases like these, I always keep an eye out for those 15% off coupons that Babies R Us puts out to save some $.

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answers from Dallas on is an excellent resource for carseat stuff! I recently bought new seats for my three girls & did lots of reading & posting there before choosing. Carseat technicians post there, so you can ask questions & have them answered by really knowledgeable & helpful people. I can't recommend this site enough!



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I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old and I love my BOB Revolution Duallie jogging stroller. It is my everything stroller. I have only ever found 1 doorway it didn't fit through. I can go pretty much anywhere with it. There are a few stores that it can get tight, like some of the stores at the Allen Outlets... they are just really packed in there. I have had more than one mom go out and buy a stroller like mine after pushing it once! I do Stroller Strides with it so it works equally well for walking and jogging. Let me know if you have any questions about it.



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The problem I see with the jogging double strollers is that they are side by side, which make them incredibly difficult to navigate between aisles and racks at stores, and difficult in high traffic areas. When we have our second, I'm going to go with the sit and stand or the one in front of the other double stroller. I know Britax makes the Roundabout carseat that is $199, and you can use the 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon at the new Buy Buy Baby. It is designed for smaller cars. There are other carseats out there that are designed for smaller cars. Google it. I can't remember the site, but there is a website out there that lets you input the type of car you have and it gives you car seat recommendations.

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