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Updated on March 11, 2008
J.E. asks from Richardson, TX
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I have a 19 month old and am due in 4 weeks w/our second. My question is we are needing to get a double stroller. We have a Graco single stroller and a single jogging stroller. We are wanting to get a double stroller, but can't seem to decide what to get. I know we can't put newborns in a double jogging stroller so I can't decide what to do. Should I get a regular double stroller now or wait and get a double jogging stroller later? We are quite active and I know my oldest is too young to not be in a stroller, but I just wanted to know what others have done in our position. I am sure we will want a double jogging stroller when the youngest can fit into one.

Last question, if we get a double stroller now, can you buy a different brand stroller than your infant carseat? If so, will the carseat still fit into the stroller?

Thanks so much for any advice you can send my way!

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answers from Dallas on

I LOVE my GRACO duo glider. I think the tandem option is best for stores and sidewalks. It has two detachable food trays. The infant car seat will attach either front or back. There is plenty of room for your 19 month old in front or back, I tested several strollers with my then 3 year old when I was pregnant and this one was the best fit for her. The back seat fully reclines which is great so when your infant is old enough she can sleep or play while you shop or take walks. It's a bit heavier than the single stroller we had, but I can still easily lift it into the back of our Highlander. Also, the catch and release features are very easy to operate.

I think all Graco infant seats will fit this stroller, but not sure about other brands, you'll have to ask a sales person on that one.



answers from Dallas on

I was in the same boat! I had a baby boy that was 11 months old when I gave birth to our daughter.
This is what we did, I bought a Kolcraft Contours double stroller for my kids. The beauty of it is that there is a mount that fits onto the stroller that will hold any brand of infant car seat! When the kids get bigger, you can turn the seats several different ways so they can either look at eachother, sit back to back, or sit one behind the other! It's a great invention and I love the stroller. It is a little bulky and kind of heavy, but over all, it's so worth it!!!



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I can't tell you what brand to get, but I had twins and got the graco duo glider double stroller, and hated it. It's big, bulky and heavy. As the kids get bigger, it gets harder to push and manuver. I would go to a baby store and push around acouple different brands. If I had to buy all over again. I'd spend the money on the lighter weight and compackable ones. This is just my 2-cents. :)



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a graco duo glider I want to sell for $40 if you want a cheap stroller to get you through until your baby will fit in a jogging stroller. Send me a message if you want to see it.

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