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Updated on December 01, 2009
N.V. asks from Madison, WI
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I have a 16 month old son, and a 2nd son on the way, due in December.
I was thinking of getting a good double stroller for the two of them.
Does anyone have any experience with double strollers?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the feedback!

I think we will test drive a few at BRU. that is a good idea!!
Hopfully we find a coupon in the mail for the %15 off or what ever random one they send us. (they usually send something out monthly)

Or hopfully one of the Grandparents will help ...LOL (wishful thinking) :-)

I do have time...the little one isn't due until Dec.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have two little ones 15 months apart. We went and got the BOB from REI and love it! It is a double jogger/walker/hiker. It off-roads at lake superior and manuevers Lake calhoun. There is an infant carrier attachment that converts to a food tray for both when old enough. There are tons of add-ons that make life that much easier.

The best part--it is light enough for me to lift into the back of my Saab sedan. We just flip off the wheels.

Super versatile and no one has to stare at someone else's back:)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had twins 4 years ago and I loved my graco duoglider, it was well worth the investment. Now that they are older we have 2 umbrella strollers that have connectors between them.

Good Luck!!




answers from Minneapolis on

Check out the Sit n Stand ProLX, it allows you to have both seats (tandem), so in the beginning you can either put new baby in the back in the carseat or laying flat (pram style) and the older child up front. Then when #2 is old enough to move to the front, you can remove the back seat and I forget if there is a middle way - front facing bench (?), but it turns into a reg. sit n stand. I looked into the Kolcraft red one, and it is a GREAT stroller. I didn't get it because: 1) very heavy - almost 50 lbs by itself (what recovering, 2 week postpartum mom want to lift that?) 2) the back of your vehicle needs to be very wide - I have an old style Saturn Vue, it would have had to be propped against a back side window, it wouln't lie flat, effectively eliminating any other storage in the back. And 3) My kids are 25 mths apart, the older was/is a very good walker, and I'm giving him more independance where we are out an about, so the stroller was just too much for my needs.

Whatever you decide, remember to go to a few stores that have demos and ask them to run it out to your vehicle to see how it fits and the ease of in and out. The last thing you want is to buy/receive a stroller just to not be able to use it because it doesn't fit! Good luck!



answers from Lincoln on

I just bought a Graco double umbrella stroller. I have a 4 year old and soon to be 5-month old. The great thing I find is that both sides recline individually, which makes it nice. My older one loves to walk some, but really likes to ride instead. Just this year I quit my job and am staying home, thus the reason for the double stroller. I chose the side by side because I felt I could handle 2 at once a little better. Plus my 4yo loves to look at his little sister!! It all depends on your needs though. My baby did not like the carrier, so we had to switch her to the convertible car seat. So a tandem stroller with the carrier attached did not work for us. I don't run with it either, so no jogger for me. I do like its handling, and the kids seem to enjoy the ride. It does have a canopy for each side, but they are not adjustable really, do I find that I need to bring a little towel or blanket to help block out some sun, but other than that I love it. I hope this helps.



answers from Davenport on

They Type of stroller you want will depend on what you want to use it for...will you keep to home and go for long walks with it, are you a jogger, do you want a lightweight/compact one for short shopping trips/travel destinations??? You may need more than one for different purposes.

We live in a very small town with BAD sidewalks, so I wanted one easy to push on our long walks, and with real air-filled tires for easier ride for the kids....good shades and reclining seats were importnat to me too....

I got the Baby Jogger City Classic for a great deal on Amazon. Like this, but last years colors of Navy and silver:
Normally, they are about $600 for the double, new, but i got mine for about $370 it was new, but was the last year model, so discounted, and free shipping on Amazon!!!

It glides like a dream and turns on a dime, reclines independantly and has independant canopies and they are great shades that come WAY down. It will hold both kids till they are 50 lbs each. It also has a "suspension", so handle all the bumps and stuff we go over out here. A few negatives, it is large when folded, and doesn't have a latch to keep it in the folded state, and weighs 35 pounds empty. We have only 2 kids and a minivan, so although large, we do stil take it on trips with us.

Originally I had had a Jeep stroller, where the kids sat one in front of the other, and it was just as heavy, a little less bulky when folded, but VERY hard to steer and rough for the kids on uneven terrain here. I took it to my moms house and left it there, so when I am going to my hometown, I know we don't HAVE to take a stroller. That one we got secondhand, so only $60.

I am thinking about getting the lightweight Jeep or Graco double umbrella style stroller, too.... we will see, it would definitely be easier for travel.

While the baby was little, and even now, sometimes, it is easier when shopping to just get the cart that has the baby seat atttached on top, or to put the big girl in the cart and the baby in a carrier - like a BJORN or a sling.

Good Luck!!!




answers from Milwaukee on

I LOVE our Graco duoglide. I have a 3 month old and a 21 month old. It's easy to maneuver and I am able to lift it myself into the back of our minivan. Fits our Graco infant carrier great! Congrats!



answers from Minneapolis on

check out Phil & Teds strollers- very versitle and light weight.

Good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

I hate my DuoGlider. It's heavy, hard to steer/turn, and squeaks no matter how much I grease it. I have a Combi side by side that I much prefer. Graco has a new tandem that is supposed to be nicer than the DuoGlider, called the Quattro Tour Duo.



answers from Minneapolis on

I love my double stroller from One Step Ahead. I have an almost 6 year old and a 2 year old and I still use it! It was perfect at the State Fair where I didn't always want my older daughter walking (too crowded). She could just hop on and off. And I even use it when I only have my 2 year old and just use the extra bench for my purse or shopping bags, it is not much bigger than a single stroller.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have the Graco tandem duo glide from target. It works pretty well. It tips back if there is too much weight in the back and none in the front. The place for a diaper bag is tight but pretty big. The child in the back seat has ample chance to bite the toes of a child in a rear facing carrier, when they are older the person in the back seat can kick taunt and pull hair. Other than these problems it is a great stroller durable, stays pretty clean. Has sun shades and tilt back for both kids to nap at the same time. I just saw a woman with a newer sit and stand that has a full seat in the back and then converts when the older child gets older, it looked nice. Well best of luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Love Love Love our Kolcraft Contours Options Double (Tandem) Stroller.

Love the varying seating arrangements, can use it with the Graco baby carseat carrier, very easy to move around. We use it with the 8 month old and the 22 month old. The 4.5 year old can ride in it but usually walks.

Got ours with a coupon off 1 item at babies R us.

Any double stroller is big - make sure you feel comfortable with the size, the movement, options, etc.

We researched a lot of them - test drove a few at the store, and still chose this one.

Good luck.

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