Double Oven W/ Convection Vs. Standard Oven W/ Convection

Updated on March 22, 2011
S.W. asks from Olathe, KS
4 answers

I have been trying to figure out which oven I would like better. The double oven would not be wall mounted, so it will be lower to the ground and each oven will have less space. Then I wondered, would I like a standard oven w/ convection. I am constantly complaining that I cannot bake two things at a time, so the double oven w/convection seems like a no brainer. However, I am just worried about the loss in storage and the loss of space in each oven.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have a standard oven w/ convection. The only time I use the convection is when I am preheating.

My inlaws have a standing double w/ convection. This has its pros and cons.
- they can bake or warm two things at once. This is great for Thanksgiving and family gatherings.
- they have 'cool touch' options so that kids won't get burned if they touch the glass/oven door.
- you can roast a good sized turkey in it. I think they've done a 20+ lbs.

- the bottom oven is really low to the ground. When they open the bottom door the door touches the floor. So we always have to watch the kids to make sure that they are back far enough.
- my inlaws are short around 5', so bending over the get things out of the bottom oven is not a real problem for them. I am 5'4", and hubby is 6'. We have a bit harder time getting dishes out of the bottom.
- because of the 'cool touch' option, my kids don't understand the 'don't touch the oven cuz its on' safety bit.




answers from St. Louis on

I have a JennAir convection oven/microwave combo. Love it!!

I use the convection mode for meats. I use the bake mode for ......all else.
Having the microwave built-in on top works fantastic!

I was very fortunate that my DH built the cabinet for this unit. Since our kitchen is 40 years old, it was the only way to match the existing cabinets. By designing & building our own cabinet, we had the luxury of deciding actual placement of the unit....fitting it to a height that worked best for our family. We actually added a drop-down door below the unit for long cookie sheets & cooling racks. There was enough room above the unit for a full cabinet, too!

As for sizing, the oven is full size is the microwave. We are exceptionally pleased with our choice!



answers from Rockford on

I have a double oven, not convection, and I cannot imagine being without it. I use both ovens ALL the time and it is so handy. The space in both of mine is pretty decent. The lower one is smaller but is still big enough to do most things. It really makes a difference having two.



answers from Chicago on

In August I got a Frigidaire Gallery double oven with convection (not wall mounted). The large oven is a standard oven size & the 2nd oven is what most ovens would be a broiler or a storage area, so you don't lose any space in the larger oven. I hosted Thanksgiving for 24 people & made a 26 pound turkey & a large ham & didn't feel like I lost any space at all. The 2nd oven worked out great for side items like sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole etc. The top of my stove has a middle area oval shape that was perfect for making gravy in the roasting pan. It also came with a griddle for pancakes etc.

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