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Updated on March 07, 2010
S.A. asks from Eagle River, WI
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Hi Moms, I know this is a question that gets repeated all of the time, but did not ever really have the need to jot the info down. I just had another little girl in the end of January and am on my search for a double jogging stroller for the upcoming spring/summer to get myself back in shape and myself and my girls out of our house! We have a single Bob revolution which my husband and I LOVE. However, we do not have $569.99 to spend on the Duallie stroller made by Bob. Just wondering what moms out there have, if they like them or dislike them and how old their little ones were before they took them jogging. The Bob website says not recommended for jogging use for children under 8 months and of course I do not want to do anything that could cause my little one harm, but am curious what the car seat adapters are for then. I thought if the jogging stroller had a car seat adapter it would be safe for infants. Am I wrong? And with the specific strollers that you have, are there only certain brands of car seats that work with the stroller adapters? Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Seattle on

On the age limitation, I think this has to do with your baby's development and not the stroller itself. They don't recommend jogging with small infants (under 6 months is what I have heard) because their necks aren't strong enough for the jostling and bumps. As a result, not many jogging strollers even accommodate infants under 6 months. There should be nothing wrong with a brisk walk, though!

This site has some great search and comparison features that might help you find the right stroller:

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answers from Minneapolis on

I jogged with my baby in the Bob with the car seat adapter...I don't get what the big deal is! I don't jog very fast though :). With our second, we decided to get the Chariot Cougar 2 which is $600 before you even add the wheels, but we found one at REI Scratch and Dent Sale for $200 (there were several of them there and also some BOB dualies). We justified the expense because it's also a bike trailer and you can even get a x-c ski package too. We also got the infant sling.

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answers from Omaha on

We got our double Bob on sale or at least with our member discount through REI in the spring (20% off which was a big deal for 500 plus dollars). The stroller is unstable when running if you have one in the car seat with adaptor and one on the the other side, just enough to make you feel uneasy. It worked great to take both of them for walks, etc. We started jogging with them once they were probably 5 or 6 months when they were able to sit up and have good head control. I've seen people jogging with their tiny ones in the Bobs with the babies just in the seat with it reclined, but not comfortable with that. I think you need to protect their head and necks just the same as in the car.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have a BOB single stroller which I love, but I don't think I would have jogged with the carseat attachement on. It can be a little bit tippy and unstable because of that extra weight and how it is distributed. Especially if you'll be jogging on city streets/sidewalks where you'll be going up and down curbs, that's where you could potentially tip the stroller. Sorry I can't give you any advice about double strollers, maybe it would be more stable with a carseat in it with a child in the other seat.

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