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Updated on July 06, 2011
C.J. asks from Linden, MI
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Which double jogging stroller should I buy? I plan to run with 2 children - one is 1 month old, the other is 3 1/2 years old - for a distance of 5 - 6 miles, 5 days a week.

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answers from Detroit on

If you plan on running that much and at least that many miles do not go to the cheap route. You will pay for it. I know many people that went with a cheaper double jogger and aren't happy. It doesn't glide smoothly, turn well, harder to push, etc. I have a double BOB running stroller and put lots and lots of miles on it. It is the greatest. WELL worth the investment. I bought mine at REI. About twice a year they have a big 20% off one item coupon and you can use it on the BOB. You could wait for that.

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answers from Detroit on

I have VALCO TRI-MODE(dobule) and I loved my and my kids could ride in it for as long as I could let them :).My kids ages 5,3,21months.
I am planning to sell my stroller soon so if you might be interesting in this stroller then email me :[email protected]



answers from Washington DC on

I have a BOB Revolution Duallie and I love it. My children are 3 1/2 and 23 months and the biggest issue I have is getting them to sit still long enough for me to get through a run. My kids have been in BOB strollers from 4-weeks-old with no problem.



answers from Atlanta on

I would definitely invest in the BOB Revolution Duallie if you plan to run that much. It is one of the few jogging strollers with a front wheel that can be swivel or fixed. This is a key feature for real runners that can easily be overlooked or underestimated. We discovered this the hard way.
They now offer an adapter to hold an infant car seat so I would definitely recommend this for your younger child until about 6 months old for a smoother ride on the infant. This stroller is awesome and will last as my 5 year old twins still fit in ours just fine.

Good luck!
Mom of Twins



answers from Chicago on

I also love my BOB Revolution Duallie.

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