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Updated on January 08, 2009
C.P. asks from Wolcott, CT
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I will have a 22 month and a newborn and am looking for a double jogger that gives a smooth ride and folds easily. (I know I can't use it right away, but 3 months comes quick.) Naturally, I'd like to not spend hundreds of dollars. Any suggestions? Right now, the InStep Safari Swivel Double Jogger is in the lead, but I'd love in put from moms-who-know! :)

I know there have been other requests, but none really helped me. So forgive me..:)

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answers from New York on

i used the instep but wasn't that happy with it. the seats are too small for my older one. my children are 2 1/2 years apart. you have to remember that your older one will be close to three by the time you use it with both of them. definitely, get one that has the swivel front wheel and keep in mind how heavy the stroller is. lifting it into certain cars can be difficult. the best advice i have is, borrow one or buy a used one. most people don't use it that long. i have a new one and a borrowed one. i prefer the older one because the older ones have bigger seats. good luck and congratulations!!!



answers from Syracuse on

I have the Baby Jogger City Series Double. Ridiculously expensive but worth every single penny. You might try to look for one on craigslist or ebay for less money. Or ask family members to pitch in and help you get it. My daughter was born when my son was 13.5 months old and we have been using this stroller a whole year now and wouldn't pick another one. It will last a really long time and it's versatile (can use at mall, take jogging, uneven terrain, etc.), and it fits through all standard sized doors no problem.



answers from New York on

I have the Phil and Ted's Sport Buggy (the older one, not the newest one they came out with). It is awesome if you just need something for all-terrain with a smooth ride and great handling that is not too heavy. It is not technincally a jogging stroller though, because it doesn't have shocks, so if you want to actually run with it, it's not a good pick. But walking, shopping, grass, gravel, etc., no problem. You have to get the "doubles kit" for two kids. When baby is a newborn the toddler sits in front and the baby can lie completely flat behind. When baby is older, you put a seat on the back, toddler stays in front, baby sits behind. It is only as wide as a single stroller, which is its major selling point. A little pricey but well worth it in my opinion. Congrats and good luck!



answers from New York on

i have the valco, and i cannot recommend it enough, it is wonderful on every level, except.. it is expensive, and it is hard to lift. i have a minivan and i keep it in the back, and fold it right into the van, dont have to lift it at all in or out, i just lean it on the edge and flip up the bottom. if i had to lift or carry it, it would not be so great, though maybe better if i was taller. but i dont have to lift it. i put my 18 month old, my 3 year old, AND my 5 year old all in it together, very comfortably. it turns on a dime, steers with one hand, rolls over everything, holds tons of stuff, i can even sit on the foot of it to nurse or just take a load off. super sturdy, too.

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