Double Ear Infections and Sinus Infection

Updated on April 15, 2008
R.I. asks from Duncanville, TX
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I went to the doctor today and found out that I have double ear infections and a sinus infection. I am going crazy because I can hear anything. He said there is fluid in my ears and he gave me s nose spray that is suppose to open up my sinuses. He said it should work almost immediately to drain the fluid but it hasn't and I am losing my mind because all I hear is echoes in my head every time I breath or talk. Does anyone know of any kind of home remedy that will help to get the fluid out behind my ear drum. I can't take it much longer, I feel like I am losing my mind. Thank in advance.

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Hi R.,

Been there, done that sweetie! I take a hot steamy shower or bath with the bathroom door shut. I also use vapor bath for babies! Pour it in the shower and let the vapors help clear your head, same thing with a bath. I think it's a combination of the steam & menthol in the vapor bath. It helps clear out all the junk! Also, Vicks makes a vapor cream that is wonderful too. It's kinda hard to find some times. But Walmart carries it with the mentholatums. Also, you could try filling a sock up with instant rice. Wet the sock a bit (damp) and stick it in the microwave for a minute...or so until it's hot/warm, what ever you can stand. Put that on your ears and helps relieve congestion too!

Hope that helps!

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So sorry you are sick , I know how it feels. Your doctor didnt give you any antibiotics and congestion medication? It seems to me you should also be on antibiotics and something like pseudophedrine (sudafed). If you are that sick you should call his nurse and let them know what he gave you isnt helping. Good luck.



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I agree with Candy. A good, hot and steamy bath or shower should help a bit and I, too, use the vapor bath for kiddos. They now have some tablets that you put on the floor of your shower that are supposed to help open you up a bit, too, but I haven't used them.

Seems to me, when I've suffered from this type of thing, the doctor will give me a shot of steroids to help with the swelling/inflammation which seems to work very quickly. If you have not noticed any relief tomorrow, I may suggest you call back.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!



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Okay, I am going to base this on what we did and still do for my son who has mal-formed Eustachian tubes which cause him to be so very prone to ear infections. Before I tell you this though, let me tell you that the American Medical Association found out 3-4 years ago that taking something to dry up the runny nose that often accompanies an ear infection actually thickens the fluid behind the eardrum making it harder to drain. So, in essence, we actually prolonged his ear infections while clearing up his nose.

You should be on an antibiotic. That is a no brainer. You have an infection behind your ears and it is in a perfect location to grow and multiply. If your doctor did not give you antibiotics, call him back and get him to prescribe you some. For the nasal drainage, STEAM and Vicks, we did also use the over the counter nasal decongestants until we found out that they actually made the ear infection worse and longer. After that, we relied on steam and Vicks only. Once he was older and would actually try it, we even gave him those Listerine breath strips and had him breathe through his nose and keep his mouth closed while they disolved. Another thing that will REALLY open up the sinuses (but I do not recommend for young or youngish children) is to take a piece of horseradish root (about the size of a pinky nail and about as thick as 4-5 sheets of paper) and chew that up with you mouth closed and breathing through your nose. You do not have to swallow it, but chew it up well and BREATHE while you are chewing it. Depending on your level of congestion, it may take a bit more horseradish root and/or several "doses" to get you opened up. I know that when I have used it, it keeps me open for the entire day and sometimes I am even lucky enough to wake up clear.

I would NOT recommend that you put anything in your ears. The reason for this is because when your ears have fluid behind them, they can rupture from the inner pressure. It can be painful (my son is so used to it, that it is "old hat" to him and no longer as painful). Sure the ear will then drain. However, if you introduce water into the inner ear, it can cause permanent hearing loss. My son has permanent hearing loss from chronic and constant ear infections. He is missing most of one eardrum and once we get through this growth spurt, he will again have eardrum replacement surgery.

Another thing that helps for pain is to apply heat to the ear. It does not have to be that hat, but just warm enough to feel better. They used to recommend alternating cold and warm compresses. Do NOT use a cold compress. Think about water. Cold=ice. Warm=water. You definitely do NOT want to thicken up the fluid behind the ear and a cold compress will do that. If you do not have a heating pad with a low setting, wet a washcloth with hot water and put it in a plastic bag and apply to the ear(s).

Also, ephedrine and psuedo-ephedrine were designed for NASAL congestion, not for ear congestion. So, with your ears being congested as well, I would try anything to decongest the nose that does not contain ephedrine. It will thicken up the fluid behind the ear and cause more ear pain.

I hope some of this has been helpful to you. Another place you can look for some remedies that may be helpful is a local independent healthfood store (not a chain like GNC). Oh! One more thing. I would try to lay off as much dairy as you can until your sinuses are better, at least. Dairy will create a film over everything it touches. If you do not believe that, drink a glass of water and then a glass of milk and notice how different your throat feels. I am in no way saying to eliminate dairy products - I am a cheese lover and cannot fathom no cheese in my diet. However, I have noticed that eliminating it until I get rid of the infection, does indeed speed up healing. Go figure. If you are suffering from larangytis, you can go to GNC and get some tea called Throat Coat and that will actually get rid of the "coat" on your throat, so that you can regain your voice. You will want to have the sugar and/or lemon and honey on hand because the tea tastes not very good at all. I had a customer tell me about this when I had lost my voice for several days due to allergies. With just two cups of the tea, my voice was back 100%.

Again, I hope some of this has been helpful to you and you are well in no time. I know that it really bites. We had a major episode here at home just two weeks ago.



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This may sound funny but it worked for me and my father. Try pouring some Hydrogen Peroxide in your ears. It helps tremendously to dry up the fluid. It did for us anyways! Hope this helps!



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Hello R.,

Here are a few suggestions:
buy peppermint oil and rosemary oil (wholefoods, sprouts, healthfood store) (caution- shoul not use rosemary oil if high blood pressure issues) put a few drops of peppermint oil on a tissue/paper towell, clip it to the front of your shirt. you can rub a couple drops of rosemary oil just under your ears/jaw area.

anise seed tea (expectorant
fenugreek capsules (expectorant/decongestant)

lemon oil. just put in a small glass plate/bowl and let it infuse the air. kills airborne germs.
like the others suggested, steam is very good.
skip milk, cheese for a few days
gargle even if it's just w/ plain water.
do you have a neti pot?
chiropractic treatment?



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Hi, R.!

I don't know of lol My grandmother had some home remedies that seem dangerous, now that I look back. lol They involved fire; so, I don't recommend this one. lol

But I know what it's like in your condition right now. Just keep taking the nasal spray and meds. I get this every year; so, I KNOW it hurts and is so irritating not to hear anything but your breathing, coughs, and your own movements. lol Mine usually take a couple of days to clear out my ears, but it's taken as long as 4 before with a REALLY bad infection and LOTS of fluid in there. (My doctor was wondering how I could hear at all with my last one.)

I hope it clears up soon. :(



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Benadryl or dimetapp will help to dry the fluid in your ear. I swam for 3 years and took dimetapp (b4 over the counter) the whole time to clear the water from my ears. Be mindful to blow your nose instead of sniffling in because that creates pressure in the ears. Check online to see if your local health food store carries EAR CANDLES. I had this done on my ears and it worked to unplug them and cleaned out built up ear wax. Eucalyptus Oil works well to open up the sinuses and ears. My Bally gym has a steam room that has eucalyptus oil in it & I go there when my ears/sinuses act up. Best to you, get well soon.



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Steam is great. The bath is great. I can't do Vick's vapor rub because I'm allergic so I do peppermint bath oil which is wonderful.

Drink hot tea with lemon and honey.

Rinse your nose with a netti pot and saline solution or fill the blue baby nose bulb with warm saline water and rinse your nose.

Hang in there!