Double Digit Birthday

Updated on March 12, 2012
C.C. asks from Conroe, TX
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Did you do any thing EXTRA special for your childs double digit birthday (turning 10). Did you have any neat ideas or special gifts that represent the double digit birthday. We are looking to do that extra something special....but other that finding a t-shirt that reads "Double Digits"...that's all. Ours is a boy turning no slumber parties or sleepovers. Just something that concentrates on the milestone birthday! Thanks for any suggestions!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Huh...I thought boys liked sleepovers, too. At least my older son did.

My daughter just turned 10 yesterday. It also was her "golden birthday". We did a sleepover at an indoor waterpark. It has a hotel attached that offers a package including a room for six, waterpark tickets, arcade game tokens, pizza, and a movie. She and her three friends had a blast!

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answers from Redding on

Why not a slumber party?
If he's never had one before, that would probably be a super fun thing for him.

Both of my kids had many slumber parties and it was as much fun for us as it was for them.
All they need is sleeping bags, jammies, pillows and clothes for the next day.
Dinner, fruit to snack on, popcorn and some movies. Oh..and flashlights. They can play with flashlights and make shadow animals.

If you are absolutely opposed to a sleepover, go to the bank and get him 10 silver dollars or 10 $1 gold coins. My boss gave me some and I gave them to my son and grandson. Get him a gift certificate for 10 of something.

I really wouldn't rule out a sleepover.
That's just my opinion.

Best wishes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about getting a bunch of his friends together & taking them:

bowling then to pizza
to see a movie & pizza
batting cages & hamburger diner
Miniature golf
Laser Tag


answers from San Antonio on

We go all out for the 10th! It's not very often you add a digit (or a place) to your age!

For my oldest we did this huge party and played laser tag, had a huge pizza party and all his friends he invited were allowed to spend the night in tents in the backyard.

Our girls each had their own huge parties as well. (Each was centered around things that they like.)

I'm not sure what we're going to do when the youngest hits double digits (a little over a year away!) but I'm sure it'll be just as big and crazy as the other three's.



answers from Dallas on

My son turned 10 in September and we had a slumber party! The kids had so much fun. We invited seven boy's and my husband and I actually had a good time as well! My son told me the next day that "It was the best birthday EVER!" :)


answers from Chicago on

My oldest is turning 10 in a few weeks. We're going to have a big party at a bowling alley with family and a handful of her friends. We're also going to redecorate her room. I haven't started looking into anything special with 10 or double digits on it yet. I'm kind of in shock that she's really turning 10.



answers from Tampa on

We always go way overboard on the big birthdays! These are 1st, 5th, 10th, 13th, sweet 16, 18th, and 21st (so far) LOL! On our oldest daughter's 10th birthday we had a beach party/ bbq. It was a blast! I rented space at a family friendly park that had a pond, and even bought each of the kids who attended their own boogie board. (found them for under 5 bucks at a discount store) We got them all a pair of goggles, and played some fun games. Set up volleyball and badmitten on the beach. Even had a horseshoe pit. Then, the following night, we let our daughter pick her 2 closest friends to come with us in a limo ride. We rented the stretch limo and took them to play mini golf, get ice cream, and drive around. The girls had SO much fun just being IN the limo! It was a blast! For our next oldest when she turned 10, we picked 10 friends to go to the local laser tag place and we had a party there. (she was a tomboy at the time) The kids all had a blast there too! after we played laser tag and rode in the go carts, we all came back to our house and the kids watched a movie and did a craft/ project. We had them make ten page books about their favorite things. Funny thing is they ALL made one of the pages that day, playing laser tag and coming to her party. LOL! Our son was a little different. He is BIG into Harry Potter, so when he turned 10 this past July, we took him to Universal studios and Islands of adventure to go to the new Harry Potter exibit and rides in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. We booked a hotel onsite for 2 days, and we all had so much fun. We do live in Florida and have annual passes to those parks already, so the only real expenses were the hotel and food. We did allow him to pick out all of his birthday gifts from the gift shops there at the park in Hogsmead, so everything was Harry Potter themed and kind of pricey, but since we had the passes I didn't mind. Also, he didn't bring any of his friends since we were staying for a whole weekend, and he had his 3 sisters and both Mom and Dad with him. Having the annual passes also gave us a discount on the hotel too. Our youngest will turn 10 next Jnuary, and I am not sure what we will do for her yet. She wants to go to Disney and do the whole "princess for a day" thing they have there. We may end up doing that for her. I have a while to think about it.
If we didn't live near the theme parks, I would probably look into some type of go carts, laser tag, or is there a six flags near you? Kids LOVE to stay in hotels and get room service, at least MINE do! Pamper him for his birthday! Ten is a big deal, and it's his day! What does HE want to do? Have fun!!

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