Double Bob Jogging Strollers/Airports

Updated on March 30, 2011
N.P. asks from Saint Charles, IL
7 answers

I am looking to get a Bob Double Jogger. We are going on Vacation in July and I wanted to check it at the gate. They look really big. Does anyone know if this will fit through security and if it can be gate checked?

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answers from Chicago on

We have a baby jogger and havetaken it everywhere we have taken it to disney and california etc. we use a bungy cord to make sure it stays closed when we gate check it. We have been able to fit in a ford tarus. rental so it is not a problem we had to put some luggage in the car instead of the trunk. but other than that it is no problem



answers from Atlanta on

Hmmm -I have one, but I've never contemplated taking it to the airport because it's so big. I would call the specific airline you're flying to find out about gate-checking it, if there's a weight limit, if you will be charged extra, etc. As far as security, you may have to go through a special line, but the double BOBs will generally fit through most things a wheelchair will fit through -although sometimes it's close!



answers from Chicago on

Hi N. - I have a Bob Dualie for my twin boys and we take it everywhere! It will fit through security, but as someone else mentioned, they will have to hand check it as it will not fit through the US scanners. We also gate check (just tell the person at the gate you need a tag). You will want to make sure everything is out of the basket, and additional cup holders, etc are taken off as it will make security faster and you won't lose anything when they put it under the plane. When gate checking, I collapse it but do not take the wheels off.

If you are going abroad, some international scanners will fit the Bob as they are designed for very large items. But, I have learned that some older cities have very narrow sidewalks that make it difficult to navigate.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

It will fit through security - it's designed to fit through any standard door, and it will fit through there too. It's actually pretty light for how big it is...the only issue might be it fitting into your rental car? It folds up kind of big. But if you can swing it, you'll love having it on vacation I'm sure. My kids are 4 and 2, so when we travel now we just take a stroller for the little one to make it easier. Although believe me there are times I wish I had my bob when away from home!!



answers from New York on

I've been flying once a year with my kids who are now 2 and 5. I've found it is better to bring the smallest age appropriate stroller you can for the airport. If you can take 2 unbrella strollers it may be better than one huge stroller.



answers from Chicago on

i have taken mine, and they had to 'hand' check it. and it was great. although the guy who dropped it off after the flights looked at me and said, 'you gotta be in good shape lady to haul this thing around'. i loved having mine (we travel a decent amount, and always take it). i would recommed getting the bag that goes over it so that the fabric/handlebar stuff doesn't rip. Good luck



answers from Albuquerque on

Absolutely! We had no issues getting our double Bob through security or gate checking it. In fact, when the security people saw me coming with two toddlers in the Bob, they waved me into the airline personnel line so that I wouldn't hold anyone up. I made it through security in about two minutes.

We usually fly Southwest and I had to get a gate check tag AT the gate. They couldn't give me one when we checked in for the flight. That was the only hurdle (but that's probably for all strollers). I wheeled my girls down the ramp to the plane, folded up the stroller and then left it for the baggage guys. It was waiting for us all set up when we got off the plane.

(I've gate checked the Bob about 8 times since then - all with no problems)

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