Double Baby Shower

Updated on January 06, 2010
C.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
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i need some tips and ideas for a double baby shower. two girl friends of mine are expecting within a week of each other and are both having girls. they would like to have a shower together since they have so many friends in common. what do i do though about friends that they dont have in common? How do i keep people from feeling like they have to bring a gift for someone they don't know? Also, i need some good ice breaker games for a large group. There will be at least 50 in attendance so i don't know if regular baby shower games are a good idea or not. Suggestions?

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answers from Phoenix on

I was recently invited to a joint baby-shower for two sisters and while I don't remember if the invite specifically said to bring a gift for the one you know, not both if you didnt, I didn't feel obligated to bring a gift for the 2nd girl I didn't know well.

I like the baby problems & solutions game, that sounds funny!



answers from Flagstaff on

I recently received a wedding invitation from a friend whose son was getting married. Inside, they included a poem (it was so cute!) about the two sisters who were getting married within a day of each other and having a joint reception. It was nice to have such an explanation, especially since I didn't know the sisters. It was also fun to have it in poetry form!



answers from Albuquerque on

If I was invited to a double baby shower I would feel badly if I was given an invitation with only my friends name on it. Put both girls names on ALL the invites. People will figure out on their own if they want to bring a gift for just the girl they know or both. I personally would bring a gift for both. All babies are worth celebrating and I don't think any one will feel put out if they "have" to buy another gift.

Games will be hard with 50 people, and would probably take forever. For my first baby shower my mom and sister bought a white piggy bank and some markers meant for glass. They put my daughter's name on it and put it by the door. Everyone that came either put their name or drew a little picture. I loved it and it sits in my daughters room still. If these are first time mommas an "advice/story" book would be fun and easy. People could just write in it as they wished. You could also set up a station with white onsies and fabric markers and people could decorate a onsie on thier own throughout the party.



answers from Phoenix on

I like the previous idea of a cute explanation on the shower invite for those who don't know both ladies. I was recently at a shower that was fairly large. We were given cute note cards with the invitation for us to bring to the shower with our parenting tips written on it for the new mom & dad and we read them aloud to the mom-to-be. The host had us each stand up by table and introduce ourselves and say how we knew the mom to be. We played a fun game ( we sat a tables of eight)where one person at the table wrote down a baby "problem" at the top of the shhet of paper, like the baby doesn't want to go in the car seat, or the baby has diaper rash, etc. That person folded the paper over, just covering what they wrote. It then was passed around the table with each person in turn writing down a solution to the problem (without knowing what the problem is)and folding over their answer before passing it to the next person to write their solution. When we were all done the person who wrote the "problem" read all the silly answers. We also played a bingo game as the gifts were opened. We were given a blank bingo sheet for us to fill in the spaces of what we thought she would receive. With a large group it keeps everyone interested in what is opened. They had some plants and small candles as gifts for the bingo game. Have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

I'd send invites to everyone but have both girls names on the ones who know both and only one girls names on the ones that only know one... or you could put both names and I don't think it would be a problem if the guests only know one of the girls. I'd have lots of snack foods, play just a couple of games and then they can open gifts, then do cake. Keep it simple! Sounds like fun... good luck!! Game ideas could be as simple as unscramble words etc...

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