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Updated on November 28, 2009
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
6 answers

My 25 month old girl is way into dora the explorer lately. Santa is bringing her the talking backpack. What other Dora toys do your kids love? I'm looking for Christmas. So far she has 2 dora books, and a sleepy dora doll that sings.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all responders, especially Julie! She's selling me her dollhouse, and I bought the talking backpack too. She's gonna love it!

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answers from Dallas on

When my daughter was 2 - she was Dora crazy! She loved the dolls, and she loved the dollhouse - with all the people, the van, the pool, the treehouse, the garden room, the twins nursery and all the people and furniture! I do have it all packed away for a new home should someone be interested!

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answers from Boston on

My daughter loves the dancing dora doll, I have the same problem recently my daughter is 25 months as well and shes completely obsessed lol.



answers from Dallas on

The Dora house is a must around here. THe litte figures are perfect for carrying around. We bought a big set at Sams a few years ago, and it is still played with A LOT by my now 27 month old..every day!! Happy shopping:) ~A.~



answers from Tyler on

My 26 month old also loves the Dora house! She plays with it everyday!! It was on sale at Toys R Us last week.



answers from Dallas on

I wanted to warn you about the talking backpack. If you are talking about the hard plastic one, it can be a bit dangerous. My daughter (26 months at the time) got her hand stuck in ours twice before I decided to just get rid of it. Her hand was stuck so hard I had to get my hand down into the toy to release it and she was in a full panic.

The problem is there are a lot of accessories and not enough room for them to have wiggle room. So, little hands can get wedged inside.

We also have the dora doll with the two babies. She loves the songs, but the hair on that doll turned into dreadlocks within a few weeks. Amazingly enough, the bath time dora mermaid doll does not have this issue. That one just doesn't swim all that well.

GL and happy holidays!



answers from Dallas on

The dora talking kitchen is great- we found one at the thrift store for 15$ and it has a blender and map that "talk"--

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