Don't You Just Love a bargain......or Is It a Bargain?

Updated on October 11, 2011
✿.R. asks from Uxbridge, MA
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That's my question but my post is really just make you guys laugh. I'm sure you feel my pain here. I was poking around Big Lots the other day and saw these brown plaid curtains that I loved. My sofa is brown and the walls are a creamy yellow.....both in the plaid curtains. I couldn't get them out of my mind so I went back and got them. They are from JC Penny and were $40 a panel. They were $6.00 a panel at Big Lots. I bought all they had which was 3. I need 6. So now I am on a search. I found 2 more at a store about an hour away. Went to get them and probably spent in gas what I saved on the curtains. Now I'm short one. The really sad part is now I need curtain rods which are $40 per window for the ones I want. And now I have to have the valance that is in the picture which is on clearance at JC Penny for $19.99. So I am spending around $200 because I got such a great deal on these panels. LOL. It's all in their marketing scheme.

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So What Happened?

Too funny. Glad you guys can relate. Momma the mistreat treatment. I will steal that for sure. Cheryl....thanks for checking. Here's a picture below. Let me know the store and I will call and have them shipped this way. :)
One and done and Mz kitty......If it's on sale and I love it I usually buy one in every color. :)

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answers from Honolulu on

As my late Dad said: it is not a bargain, unless you need it and you get what you need.
If not, it is just more money being spent. And not a bargain.

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answers from Houston on

Don't buy rods or valances. Get those cute upholstery tacks, and nail them to the sides of the windows :)

It's called the 'window mistreatment'. Here she makes a valance out of fabric, but she also does them on either side of the window like curtains too:

ooo, you can make your own valance the same way and just use coordinating fabric in a pretty brown color.

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answers from Phoenix on

I never pay full price for anything. I love deals! But I learned to not buy it JUST because its a great deal. Its especially hard with clothes but I really buy it only if I love it, not just because its on sale for $3!!! =)

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answers from Washington DC on

Those upholstery tacks Momma L recommended are soooooo cute! I actually ended up putting up an old bed sheet across the sliding door and the other sheet (name escapes my mind atm) up on the window in my bedroom. Even though we have blinds; they are still some creepy people around the apartment complex. Its nice I can just leave up the sheet and still have the blinds open and get a breeze from outside. And yes; may sound silly...but I saw a friend who did the same thing. I figured since I want to move soon, why should I waste my money right now.

btw, though those tacks will properly work better than the ones I used. I guess you could use any fabric with those! Looks like its time for a trip to the sewing/craft store to look at fabric! :)

I honestly don't blame you for spending that kind of money on something you wanted! I can't sew, but I know people who do make their own valances and curtains! :)

Good Luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I want Mama L to come and do my windows! I am with you in that you got a real bargain!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I love bargains myself, I hate it when that happens...


answers from Washington DC on

ooh man!! i feel your pain!!!

There are times it's a bargain and there are times they aren't.

If you are happy with it and it complements your home - then it's a bargain...if you don't have it all's not a bargain!!

I hope you find the last panel! I am going to Big Lots tomorrow. I'll take a look around.




answers from St. Louis on

& then we have my DH's regular comment: oh, yeah, I forgot! We're spending $$ to save even more $$. Wow! That's a bargain.

SmartA. Whatever :)

I will check my Big Lots...



answers from Pittsburgh on

Love it! I know exactly what you mean....

(and my philosophy is "if it's half off, buy two"!)

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