Don't Feel Baby Kicking

Updated on February 03, 2009
M.M. asks from Chino, CA
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I am 20 weeks pregnant and I don't feel the baby moving/ that normal? My last visit was last week and they say that everything looks good. I haven't talked to the DR. about this, is this something I should be worried about?

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So What Happened?

I am now 22 1/2 weeks and the baby is kicking a lot, but I just don't feel it. Why? who know??? But the doctor said the baby is just fine! :) Thanks for all the help!

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Not to frighten you but yes yes yes. This should concern you call your dr. this hour to be seen. My friend realized she had not felt her baby move in three days went in and it had died (at 7 mo preg.) It happens, please call your dr.

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In my opinion, any time during pregnancy that you have a question about your baby...CALL YOUR DOCTOR...I have regrets about my pregnancy before the one with my son, and how I listened to advise from doc's that weren't mine and didn't go with my gut feelings.

Be proactive.

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Have you felt baby kicking/moving around previously?
How long has it been?

I know with my third that I had trouble feeling him because of where the placenta was (in front) so there was only a small spot on my left side where I could feel him really good. And if i wasn't paying attention that day, then i would easily miss his movements. So to help that I would always lay on my left so he kinda sat on that "sweet spot".

And with my second there was one day close at week 38 of the pregnancy where he ended up hibernating for 36 hours! A non stress test and ultrasound found him happily "sleeping" - but i had to go back the next morning to have the test repeated to make sure that he was still ok. I think he played 'possom because of all the activity we had going on that weekend - my brother was getting married 2 hours from where i lived and my daughter was the flower girl. He was fine and during the wedding bounced around like crazy!

The best thing you can try is a sugar and caffine rush. My fav was a couple of sodas with a candy bar. But you could easily do donuts and coffee too. Basically you want to make baby hyper. You should start to get a few kicks within the hour, but be prepared for a three hour party too!

If its been 24 hour since you've had a kick and you've been feeling baby previously with some regularity then call in to get baby checked out. Your Dr can use a doppler to check for the heartbeat. Or if the dr can't see you today, walk into urgent care and tell then you just want to hear the babies heartbeat because she hasn't been moving. Most places are willing to do a check like that when mom's concerned and it only take 30 secs for an experienced person to find the heartbeat.

Best wishes!

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Some babies move a lot and some not so much. You probably should feel some movement or kicking by now, so you should contact your doctor's office ASAP.

In my case, I had already felt my baby kick and then did not feel movement for a while so I went in to the ER and they put the monitor on my belly. They gave me a big pitcher of ice water and told me to drink it. I did and she moved.

Are you drinking enough water?

Drink water and call the doc.




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Just so you know, it's not something I would worry too much about. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I didn't have fetal movement until 23 weeks. My doctor assured me that this was normal and that depending on how your placenta attached you may be up to 28 weeks before feeling movement. I too was worried, but I felt I had to trust my doctor. My 20 week ultrasound confirmed that my placenta was attached on the front side, which is completely fine, but it adds an extra cushion layer through which you have to feel the movement. This isn't all that uncommon, so you may be in the same situation for this pregnancy. It will attach in a different location each time, so that may just be the way the placenta attached this go round. I'd still confirm this with your doctor at your next visit, but if he's asking you about fetal movement at each visit and hasn't raised any concerns, I'm sure you are fine.

All the best to you!



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ALWAYS contact your doctor if you have concerns, this is your body and your baby and you can't take a risk! Who cares if there is nothing wrong in the end? That's what your doctor is for plus you wouldn't be stressed about it anymore which stress is not good for you or your baby

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