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Updated on September 06, 2010
K.A. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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HI moms:

Does anyone know how to go about donating breast milk? With my second child, I've been fortunate enough to have more milk than she could drink, and have been pumping and freezing it by the bag in case I ever got sick or had a drop in my supply, but neither has happened. I've read that you should only keep frozen breast milk for 3 months in a normal freezer, so was thinking of donating some before the 3 months mark (it's been 2 months and 2 weeks for the earliest milk). I've also heard that you have to pay some fees to get a medical screening to donate milk to a hospital and that most health insurance won't cover the fees. Is there some other way to do donations? I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, and have had one cup of decaf per month (e.g., 2 cups in 2 months, 2 weeks), and have a pleasantly plump baby who has thrived on the milk. Any suggestions? I'm in LA, CA if anyone knows of local resources, but would be happy to hear from other locales as well.


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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi K.
What a generous mommy you are. Contact The Human Milk Banking Association as they may be able to help you.
[email protected]

Good Luck and know that you are doing a wonderful thing for a baby and mommy!


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answers from Kansas City on

Check with the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) and see if there is a hospital near you, where you can donate milk. I think this is a fairly new program and I know the first one in this area, just opened a couple of months ago.

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answers from Cleveland on

You do not have to go through an official milk bank. Try checking out . It is a direct mother to mother donation system.

You are an awesome mom for doing this!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I just wanted to tell u you're awesome for doing that. I had NO milk with my first and ended up with depression bc I felt so guilty that I couldn't give my baby breast milk. If I had known about someone like u it would have made things a lot better. Lots of love!



answers from Los Angeles on

My friend works for the South Coast Milk Bank and I think they would be thrilled to take the milk!!! It's in Irvine, but definitely worth looking into. Please check them out here for more info:
Or read this link for additional information as well:

If they can't take your milk, contact The Pump Station (locations in Santa Monica and Hollywood) for other resources.

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I see you have great answers, but I have 2 friends, also in LA, who I believe dontated to someone directly but through their baby's pediatrition. I think they asked the doctor and they each had another patient who was unable to nurse and looking for a donation. Just thought I'd throw out that option as well.


answers from Pocatello on

i remember a few years ago Oprah talked about this on her show. It was for babies in 3rd world countries and stuff. They will send you the supplies to ship the milk in and stuff but other than that I'm not sure how it all works. You could try going on her site to see if you dig up any info on it. Good luck.



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I'm in a similar situation -- I just found a neighbor who couldn't nurse due to poor latch and low supply and offered her my stash :-)



answers from Dallas on

Search online for a milk bank in your area. I dontated about 1500 oz. of milk to the local milk bank until my son was a year old (the cut-off point for the milk bank) and could have given more but was unable due to a variety of circumstance. It was a very simple, convenient, and gratifying process. I did have to do a blood test and answer a questionaire, but there was no cost to me. You cannot take certain medications or drink alcohol within a certain time limit of pumping, not can you donate the milk while you or your child has an infection. I really encourage you to donate; you won't be sorry.


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