Domperidone - Your Experience?

Updated on August 17, 2012
K.D. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm about to start using domperidone to help with my milk production. I've tried fenugreek, milkin cookies, mothers milk tea and have seen a lactation consultant. I produce a good amount, but not enough for a full day for my son and I'm about to go back to work, so I was worried my production would drop when I start pumping.

Has anyone used domperidone? What are your opinions on it?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your advice everyone! I did end up getting it from a pharmacy in the US - there are several that compound it, making it legal to purchase. I've seen an increase in my supply and will continue to use it. I haven't had to supplement in almost a week now!

Right now I am taking 20mg 4x a day. Once my supply is established, I'll wean off of it. I plan to use all the other advice - hand expressing and mothers milk while doing this!

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answers from Seattle on

I have a friend who tried this, and it did help, but only slightly.

I highly recommend a good beer at night. Beer = fluids, calories, cold, refreshing and relaxing for you.

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answers from Denver on

My daughter is prescribed Domperidone, but for an entirely different medical reason (it is a motility agent and she has Gastroparesis and Dysautonomia).

She was prescribed it by a specialist at a nationally renowned hospital who strongly cautioned us not to buy it casually online, or order it from Canada or Mexico. Since it's illegal to purchase it in this country (although it's not illegal to possess it), many companies produce a cheap or fake or even dangerous version of it to sell to US consumers, to take advantage of the demand. The reason it's illegal to purchase here is because the FDA withdrew it's approval of Domperidone in the 90s because the original version was available for IV use only, and it was so strong that many people had bad reactions. They reformulated it into pill form, and it's safe and used in every other country except the US, but the FDA still will not allow it's sale here.

The specialist warned us to only purchase it from one supplier that the hospital has researched and verified, but it has to travel quite a long distance (due to treaties between countries, the manufacturer in New Zealand will not ship to the US, so our supply comes from New Zealand via the island of Vanuatu and then to us by Royal Air Mail). No UPS or FedEx is available.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more info on the trusted source. I was shocked to learn that we would be ordering our meds from Vanuatu (where one season of Survivor was filmed) after being shipped from New Zealand. It sounded crazy. But the meds arrive in original sealed boxes from the original manufacturer and we haven't had any troubles.

I know you asked for opinions, but I just wanted to share the warnings about buying fake, cheap or even dangerous versions from the many suppliers online.



answers from Atlanta on

Domperidone works wonders for me. I used it very successfully with two babies. I start on a pretty high dosage - 80mg a day, and the milk gets flowing like a cow. I then wean down to 20mg/day and am able to keep an adequate supply at that.



answers from Chicago on

I tried it and it did nothing for me. I also tried Reglan and all of the methods you listed as well as oatmeal, Brewers yeast and a few others. Nothing worked for me. I hope you have better results than I did if you do try it. It sounds like it's worked well for others!



answers from Sacramento on

Ha! When I first read this I thought you had misspelled Dom Perignon! That won't help your milk production!

You've tried all of the things that I would have suggested for good milk production, besides the obvious drink tons of water and get good rest to keep stress levels down... I hope you have success with domperidone!!


answers from Lynchburg on

Hi K.-

My peter has some motility issues (cancer survivor) and we have been able to get this drug from a 'compounding' pharmacy in our area...

It was slow going to get a DOC here to even prescribe this for him....

I know (as several have mentioned)...for whatever reason, it is certainly a 'restricted' drug here in the US.

All I can suggest is continuing what you are currently doing...and PUMP PUMP PUMP as you nurse...

May sound crass...but I had MUCH more 'volume' when I manually expressed (ie...'milking' myself...NO LIE!)

Perhaps try that after nursing...pumping...and a warm shower or bath (and a beer? LOL)

Best Luck!



answers from New York on

I did try it and it seemed to help, but I would use it sparingly. I never got up to the suggested dose, and seriously had better production.

I used a specific link my lactation consultant recommended to order online, and it came in package, so believe it was the real thing. I used something called mother's milk plus(?) and that also helped. And yes, hand-expressing is a great help, rather than pumping. You can also pump/express to empty after you finish nursing and it will help raise your supply. I would try other things before you go for the domperidone, even though it definitely worked for me.



answers from Chicago on

Hi K., I've never tried a domperidone, but I want to suggest that you take omega 3's or flax oil to boost your milk production. Take 3 tablespoons a day, the easiest way is to add it to a protein shake every morning for breakfast. I did this and was able to breast feed both of my kids for almost 2 years. Taking =3 tablespoons a day will also burn fat for you and will help boost your babies brain development among other things. I remember telling my neighbor about this years ago when she had her first baby and she had to stop taking it because she was producing too much milk! Good luck, hope it works for you.

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