Dominick's Prime Rib

Updated on December 11, 2006
S.R. asks from Mount Prospect, IL
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I don't want to be in the kitchen cooking all day on Christmas. Dominick's advertises a fully cooked "Rancher's Reserve Cooked Boneless Prime Rib Roast" that just needs to be heated. Has anyone out there tried it before?

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answers from Chicago on

We got it two years ago when I was pregnant. The prime rib is very good and all you have to do it heat it up. But the sides I didn't care for. They just didn't taste right. I'd get the prime rib again but I would not get the sides.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

Happy Holidays!

I've tried the prime rib at Dominick's a few times when they've had samples at the store. It's good but I wouldn't buy it unless you like your meat pretty well done. If you like your prime rib medium or medium-rare you won't be happy with it. I even asked the man behind the counter if they make them not so well-done and he said no.

However, my kids can't get enough of Dominick's ready-to-go meatloaf. Granted, not really for the holidays, but if you're ever in a last-minute dinner pinch it's great.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Haven't tried Dominicks, but we recently tried the turkey holiday meal from Boston Market and it was really good. For $50, we got an 11 lb. turkey (as I recall) and sides you just warm up for 30-40 minutes. Turkey was very moist (warms up in an oven bag)and browned nicely (I'm guessing they use a browning agent, but I couldn't tell--it looked natural and tasted great). I've never catered a holiday meal anywhere, but I would do this again. We're also going to try the Spiral Cut Ham holiday meal this weekend for a Christmas party--expect the same outcome or better! Happy Holidays to you and hope your holiday meal, whatever you decide to do, works out nicely for you & everyone!

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