Doll for My 2 Year Old Boy

Updated on September 11, 2010
A.C. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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I have been looking for a realistic doll for my two year old boy and can't find any quality ones. My daughter has a Coroelle doll that my son loves. I want to get him one like that, but the Coroelle boys have no hair. Can any of you recommend where to find a realistic 12 or 14 inch boy doll with hair?

I know I could get him a girl doll, but I would prefer a boy. As it is he already spends most of his time putiting on pretend makeup, reading Cinderella stories, and wearing his sister's Tinkerbell dress. He is absolutely adorable when he does it, but I feel I should at least make the effort to get a boy doll for him.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses. I am looking for one with hair because his sister's doll has hair. He prefers that one over the one she has with no hair.

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answers from Minneapolis on

American Girl has very cute boy dolls. They are a little pricey, but they hold up very well. They even sell cute boy clothes and accessories.

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answers from Austin on

My brother used to steal my dolls and cut their hair short so they would be "boys". Maybe find just a regular girl doll, and "boy" it up some? Also, disregard what 8kidsdad says... I have 9 brothers (yes...9. lol) and EVERY one of them played dress up, barbies, and most of them had dolls when we were growing up. (Just like my sister and I used to play with army figures and tonka trucks.) Not one of them is "girly" OR gay now. Let your son be who he wants to be and don't try to stifle his creativity just because people tell you it's wrong... and even if he DOES wind up being gay, WHO CARES? would you stop loving him? I doubt it. Kudos to you for letting your kid be a kid without trying to force stereotypes on him. :)

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answers from Joplin on

Both of my sons had Cabbage Patch boy dolls, they also both got a generic bath tub safe baby...that was fun and great for learning, wash the baby's foot, etc. I am all for little boys having dolls...shouldn't they learn to nurture as well as girls? Lots of luck wish I could steer you towards something better than this, at least the "potty scotty" doll is cute...

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answers from St. Cloud on

Okay, now that I have picked my jaw up off the ground after reading the "boys shouldn't play with dolls" answers........honestly people.
Giving your boy a doll is raising him to be a girl and is going to make him gay? Good grief. I like to swim, but I'm not a fish. I like to climb trees, but I'm not a monkey. See the point?

Cabbage Patch makes adorable boy dolls. My nephew has one! He goes from putting his baby to bed to making a demolition derby with his Hot Wheels.

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answers from Fort Collins on

OMG! I cannot believe there people who think that letting a boy play with dolls (or a girl play with trucks) will "turn them gay"....etc. Outrageous!

Kids need imaginary play. Both boys and girls need to learn to be caring, gentle, and nurturing. Both boys and girls need to learn to be imaginative, physical, and playful.

If your son wants a doll, I say get him a doll! What is the big deal?! (I know this is not your question, but I just cannot believe some of the responses you received!) He will probably make a wonderful big brother and a great dad someday!

PS... sorry, I don't know where to get a good boy doll with hair. All of the dolls we have are either bald or have pretend (plastic) hair. Maybe check out toys r us or search online??

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answers from Anchorage on

I can not believe what 8kidsdad said, ignore it please! Playing with dolls, or dresses, or anything else will not make your son gay, in fact if he is meant to be gay, he already is, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is perfectly normal for all boys to play with "girl" toys, and vise versa.

I used to have cabbage patch kids, one boy and one girl, that I loved. I know it is not as real looking, but they are somewhat, and they are so nice to cuddle. My son has not shown interest in dolls, but loves his stuffed animals and the like. For Christmas he wants a purple unicorn pillow pet. Some may think that is girly, but I don't care what others think. I just ordered that pillow pet on line last week for him. I sometimes get stupid comments from people about his earrings as well (he asked to get his ears pierced when he was 3) but I strongly believe in letting children be who they are, not who or what we want to force them to be.

So in short, my vote is for the cabbage patch kid. Sorry I got long winded, I just hate when people say you have to force gender stereo types on kids, it is just plain not good for their development to do that, and you would never hear that said if it was a girl who wanted a truck.

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answers from Provo on

8kidsdad. . just because you are insecure with your feminine side, doesn't mean that we can't nurture our sons. Right now they don't know what boys or a girls are. He'll eventually know. What's the big deal if he is happy?

My nephew insisted that I painted his nails, did his hair, he dressed up in his sister's cinderella dress up gowns. Needless to say he's now 5 and LOVES boys things. He's also doing AMAZING in soccer. How rough is your son with dolls? The American Girl Dolls hold up really well and I'm sure you could find some on ebay for a decent price.

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answers from Boise on

My mom found a doll (it is a baby doll with no hair) that has a cow outfit and looks a bit boy like. When I ask my son if it is a boy or girl though, he tells me girl. Anyway, don't worry about the comments of him not knowing what he is. A doll isn't going to "turn" him gay, and good for you for not putting restrictions on what he is allowed to play with. My son looks adorable in the hats and purses from daycare! He also loves his hotwheels and any ball. You will raise a well rounded son.

I may have to look at those cabbage patch kid if he wants another.

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answers from Houston on

I don't think its wrong to let a boy play with a doll. Especially at 2 years. I think it develops a sense of nurturing that is important in not just girls. My 2 year old likes to help bathe his baby brother. I don't think that will make him act more like a girl. And now days, men help so much more with childcare than in the past. Its pretend, its play, but its also learning responsibility.
I looked online, but couldn't find a boy doll with hair. Is there a reason it needs hair?

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answers from Houston on

What about maybe a boy Cabbage Patch doll, not very realistic, but a start? You can find them on ebay, and often times you can find different outfits to dress them in.

here are some:

There are also American Girl Dolls that are boys:

Then, you can introduce to him action figures and such so he has a good balance of toys. My son's love to dress up too and play with some dolls too, they even have tutus and even like the tinkerbell wings, but they also have cowboy hats, knights armor and swords, superhero capes and masks... boys love pretend just as much as girls do!

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answers from Washington DC on

The My Twinn dolls have a boy doll that has short hair. It looks like your son too. THey have cute outfits for it too. It's pricey though.
At 8 years old my very masculine, Navy sailor son wanted a Molly doll for Christmas. He got one and played with her and his best friend, Sophia, at the time for almost a year. Then he got into Pokemon and Legos.
My other boy has played with Molly and Kit for years too, he's 9.



answers from Dallas on

I don't have a doll suggestion, but I just had to comment because your little guy sounds just like mine...I wish you were in Texas so we could get them together for a playdate!

I have so many pics of my son dressing up with my daughter and her friends. He loves Cinderella and he loves pink things. At the same time he makes roaring and growling sounds, burps, loves trucks and planes and also loves blue.

McDonalds had dolls with their happy meals a few weeks back, and although we don't eat anything at MDs except for ice cream, we buy the toys if they are cute. My son, given a choice was choosing the dolls over the super heroes. So, I would get the girl doll for my daughter and the boy doll for my son.

On the other hand, I have always made sure I don't get my girl just "girl stuff" such as dolls and kitchen and princess stuff. She has blocks and trains and instruments. I feel like all kids need stuff that pertains to each part of their development (not just imaginary play for girls and fine motor skills for boys).

My FIL is upset that my son likes princesses and wears flip flops so he is making it a point to buy him some camo boots...whatever!

I know none of this answers your question....I just think it's so cute when boys follow in their sister's footsteps :-)

Good luck on your search!



answers from Philadelphia on

My son got a Swan Lake barbie for his 3rd birthday - it's what he wanted and it's what he got. Now he's almost 13 and, *trust me*, he is not gay. And even if he were, so what? I'd have no problem with it. The idea that playing with dolls turns a boy gay or playing with trucks turns girls into lesbians is ludicrous and *almost* not even worth addressing. Maybe there'd be a lot more tolerance in this country if we all let our boys play with dolls...

The suggestions of looking into American Girl dolls is good. They have baby dolls, but I think they don't have hair. They do have the "twin" kids, one boy, one girl and THAT boy doll does have hair (I believe). I'd definitely start there.


answers from Norfolk on

My son didn't care much for dolls.
But he LOVED teddy bears and stuffed animals!



answers from Madison on

I just did some search online and found a few boy dolls with hair you may like:

Fisher Price BOY Little Mommy Baby Knows Interactive Doll

8 inch mini boy doll with woollen jumper and hat and corduroy trousers

16" Multicultural Toddler Doll - Caucasian Boy



answers from Detroit on

Try Lakeshore Learning on Hall rd near Vandyke or Gizmo Learning on Vandyke between 9 and 10 Mile or the Doll Hospitol in Royal Oak or Birmingham

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