Doll Clothes That Fit American Girl "Itty Bitty Baby" 15" Doll

Updated on December 20, 2012
A.K. asks from Corona, CA
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I'm having a SUPER hard time finding baby doll clothes that actually fit the AG Itty Bitty Baby 15" doll. Does anyone have this doll that can recommend where to get some cute clothes to dress up the baby in? (Preferrably in a store since I need this by Christmas) My 4yo is really into dressing up her dolls right now and this would be a huge hit. I'm finding that not all doll clothes fit the size dolls they say. Ex: the clothes for a 12-15" doll, are too small. Thanks in advance!

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Wow, thank you everyone for the great ideas. We don't have an AC Moore out here, but I'll have to keep my eyes out at Target and Gymboree. Right now, their inventory is very low this close to Christmas. It looks like the best deals are the websites some of you mentioned. I'll just have to get over it being a Christmas gift. Maybe I can include a few things for Valentine's or Easter Basket gifts in the future. That's what I get for waiting until the last minute.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have purchased clothing for the AG bitty baby at Gymboree. I buy the up to 5lb clothing and they fit perfectly. These outfits are usually well discounted too! You can usually buy "matching" bigger girl clothing for your daughter to match also.

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answers from Reading on

Have you tried AC Moore?



answers from San Francisco on

ebay and etsy both have lots of sellers of AG/bitty baby doll clothes, many handmade.
Maybe you won't get them by Christmas but you could print out photos of the clothes you order and wrap those up so your daughter could see what she'll be getting.



answers from Los Angeles on

I found that getting baby clothes size 0-3 months from the thrift store works great for the AG dolls. They are usually in great condition because they don't fit real babies for that long and they are great for price.


answers from San Diego on

Target has a line of clothes for smaller baby dolls. They are usually in a different aisle from their 18" AG knock off dolls. They're usually in the same aisle where the Cabbage Patch Kids, Baby Alive and their brand dolls are. They are for 15-16" dolls. We have a number of outfits for her Target baby doll of the same size. I would think they would fit and they are a lot cheaper than AG clothes.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Try the regular AG clothes. The baby may be shorter than the girl, but both dolls seem to be the same size around the middle. A short AG dress may fit the baby. I've found good-quality clothing for both size dolls on eBay.

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