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Updated on December 05, 2013
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi there,

Our four year old received a beautiful 18" doll for the holidays and I am looking for doll clothes that are not terribly costly. I checked on Amazon and some other sites and they just seem so pricey. Anyone have any ideas?


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answers from Chicago on

an 18 inch doll is basically the size of a real baby. I would get her some new born outfits. and I would go to a thrift store. at new born size sometimes they are donated in brand new condition. when my daughter (she is now 31) was a preschooler she got an 18 inch doll I got it a complete wardrobe at the thrift store for about $20 and it had everything from dressy to pj's. she loved it

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Baby clothes or preemie clothes. Which ever fit her better.



answers from Louisville on

Target and others have their own versions of such dolls and usually also sell clothes - just another spot to check!

This time of year, you might be able to catch some craft shows - people do make and sell clothes for these dolls!


answers from San Francisco on

American Girl size, right? I always found a lot on ebay, and WAY cheaper than the stuff in the AG catalog. You might try etsy too.



answers from Dallas on

I bought a Dollie and Me outfit on Amazon for $13 (doll dress and dress for my daughter that match). They had several on the website, but there was a big price difference, so it took a while to find the more inexpensive outfits. And I am not sure if it's still going on but had a BOGO sale earlier this week, plus many of the outfits were discounted.

Michaels did seem to have deals too. If you go to on a smartphone and head to the weekly ad, there are almost always 40-50% off coupons. They scan your phone. That takes the sting out a bit.

And Walmart has outfits that either come with accessories or two outfits in the box for $17.


answers from Reading on

Michaels and Hobby Lobby both sell doll clothes for a pretty reasonable price - about $10 an outfit.



answers from Chicago on

I would try ebay and look for "lots" of American girl doll clothes. Good-luck.

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