Dog Won't Go Out in the Rain

Updated on January 26, 2009
N.J. asks from Pacific Palisades, CA
4 answers

My clients got a new dog (chiwawa)..sorry if I spelled that wrong. Anyway, it won't go outside to go to thebathroom in the rain. My client got the dog a raincoat, uses an unbrella and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any ideas? It wasn't even raining hard.

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We have a similar problem with a Boston Terrier - they get cold. If we know he needs to go out, we do resort to physically taking him outside and standing under an umbrella while he goes. He can tell by the tone of the voice that he must go at that point. But sadly, yes, he does prefer to be under the umbrella and stay dry!



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My dogs won't go outside in the rain either. What we do is let them go out front when it's raining. Our male beagle likes it because he can stand on the front steps and pee on the bushes in front of our dining room window without getting wet. It's kind of a "special treat" for them when it's raining, since we don't normally let them go out front.



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We bought a Yorkie in May for my daughter's birthday. She too objected to the rain, and it was potty trouble all over. I spoke to my vet for suggestions when we were traveling to my sister-in-law's for the weekend - she has nice new carpet. My vet said that the dog was cold and to put on a sweater and booties. Apparently little dogs chill easier and are more persnickity than bigger ones. I drew the line on booties for bathroom trips.

We tried the sweater and it worked. Now sometimes she will still hesitate when it is cold or raining out but she will still go and get her business done when she really has to.

Maybe the sweater will be warmer than the rain coat. Also if the raincoat is bulky or obtrusive it could be scaring the puppy.




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I have four dogs and some dogs are just not into getting rained on so, you have to make it fun for him/her. Try using his/her favorite toy and letting it carry it outside and try to make being out side fun for the dog and hopefully it will get past the whole getting wet is no fun idea!

good luck

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