Dog with Children and Rabbit

Updated on July 28, 2008
J.M. asks from Fremont, CA
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I am looking to get a white golden retriever puppy. I think that kind would be compatible with our children and a rabbit. Does anyone know where to find that kind of puppy in the bay area? I live in Fremont.

Another thing, how do you properly introduce a puppy to a rabbit?


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answers from San Francisco on

I highly recommend getting the book Before You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar, so you know what to expect with a puppy. I don't have sources of breeders for you, but look on the Humane Society of the United States web site and do a search for tips in finding a good breeder and picking a puppy. They have great advice there.

If you are at all nervous about introducing puppy and a rabbit, hire a professional trainer to help you with the introduction. As a dog professional I have seen many things go wrong when introducing new animals to each other. Most of the time the signals are not obvious at first, but over time, one or both animals are completely stressed out by each other. Once that happens it is much harder to repair the relationship. Check out the site for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for a dog trainer to help you out. When interviewing folks try to find someone who works with multi-species.

Good luck with your new family member!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi, I got a wonderful Golden (9mo.old)from the shelter.I take her to obdenance training every week and she's great with people and my cat. You could also try Northern Calif. Golden Rerevier Rescue.They have a great web site. Don't buy 1 from a pet shop, there from "Puppy Mills". Dog shows is another good place to buy a good quility dog. You could introduce your bunny and dog through a cage at first then maybe try sitting the rabbit on your lap and let them smell eachother , giving treats all the while to the dog and praising the dog for being good with your bunny. You can sit on the floor with the dog while the bunny's out running around. Go very slow with it. Make sure you are always suppervising them when their out together. Good Luck and have fun . I work with a wonderful Rabbit Dr. at Chabot Vet in Hayward.She(Dr.Harvey)May have some good ideas for you if you ever need a good Dr. for your rabbit. K.



answers from San Francisco on

I would strongly recommend that you look up and call your local retriever rescue foundation and ask how well retrievers do with small animals. They aren't called retrievers for nothing! (They are bred for hunting small game.) You don't want your potential puppy retrieving rabbit!



answers from Boise on

Do a yahoo search. I bet you could find Retreiver clubs who would have members that breed these dogs or know of reputable people that do. Really that's the best way to buy a pedigree dog anyway. I wouldn't buy a dog from a pet store.

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