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Updated on October 01, 2013
J.K. asks from Davis, CA
4 answers

Has anyone used this company for basic obedience training? Any other services or resources anyone would recommend for dog training?

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Chattanooga on

Pick up the Dog Whisperer books (by Caesar Milan (sp?))

He does really well explaining how a dog's mind works... Once you understand that, training is actually pretty easy. :)

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answers from Columbus on

Sorry can't comment on them directly. Look around in your area for trainers that are using positive methods and positive reinforcement. You really don't want dominance, fear based training. Most places don't do this type of training any more, but there are a few.

Go and observe a class if it is a group setting. The trainers I have worked with have no choke, prong, shock collar rules (gentle leaders, easy walk, haltis are ok), you build a good relationship with your dog, have lots of fun, use tons of treats or other rewards, and get great results. Clicker training can also be a lot of fun for both of you and the dog really learns and figures things out. Lesile McDevitt has two great books, one is a puppy book, Patricia McConnell and Ian Dunbar are also good authors.

Have fun training and learning together as a team!

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter used Bark Busters and thought they were excellent. It's something you have to keep up on though. They aren't going to be there to continue to help you train. She slacked off a little bit and regretted it. But they really do have great ideas and work with you to implement them.

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answers from Columbia on

You really get out of training what you put into it.

Go to training, but continue training at home. You can't expect to train for a month and never again, and then expect the dog to retain it all.

Best of luck.

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