Dog's World of Fun Experience?

Updated on April 20, 2009
K.G. asks from Kansas City, MO
4 answers

I will need to board my 2 small dogs on 2 seperate occasions this summer, each time for about a week. Having someone come to our home rather than boarding is not an option at this time. After doing some research, Dog's World of Fun seems to be a good option, considering the daily activities offered. Has anyone had experience with Dog's World of Fun? Thanks very much.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have not used Dog's World of Fun but I know some friends that are very happy with it. We do use Pete & Mac's in Lenexa for day care and love it. I have a big dalmatian and they are good with keeping him out of trouble when he gets a little too excited or making sure he gets lots of pets when he is having a clingy day. I have seen their small dog room and it's right off of the reception area with a window where you can watch them play. There is always a staff member with the dogs and they get daily report cards. I think I've only boarded mine once or twice (we usually do an in-house person) but was very pleased. I live in PV and it's worth the drive to Lenexa for me.


answers from Kansas City on

I have my misgivings about leaving small dogs there. They never offered to show me the small dog room. But I get the feeling it's small. Be sure to get a tour. They would not put small dogs in the main areas and I don't think the small dogs have the same outdoor options as the larger ones.

The people are really nice. The owner is a bit grumpy at times. But the handlers are WONDERFUL!




answers from Kansas City on

I took both of my mid size dogs there until the oldest passes away a year ago. I had difficulty at all kennels except this one! Both dogs would come home tired from playing, not stressed as they did from the vet/other boarding. The owner is very nice and has small dogs himself. What I really liked was they played with other dogs, and still someone is always there to walk and interact with your pets too. I also used Steve for baths and nail trims about once a month.



answers from St. Louis on

We use country kennels ( I think it is on Frank Scott Parkway). A few years ago we went through about 5 kennels before we found this one. We love this place. The people that work there are all super nice and I completely trust my dogs there. After a lot of the kennels our dog would come home and just sleep for a day I had assumed it was because she was kept up all night from other dogs. And just anxiety. But with this place she is fine when we pick her up and ready to go. Also we have 2 dogs and they will let the dogs share a run (which is inside and outside) so they don't get loney.

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